• Stuck in the middle seat?

    Image showing row of people on an airplane – demonstrating the importance of using Privacy Filters.
    Working out and about?

    • Stuck in the middle?

      Don’t worry, you can continue to work knowing that your confidential data cannot be viewed by surrounding prying eyes with a 3M privacy filter.

      Many of us work on the move these days, whether that’s on the commute, at a coffee shop, or whilst travelling for business, it’s important to keep your data protected. With the GDPR introduction, it’s now even more important than ever to protect personal information. 

      Just checking your emails on your phone? Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or mobile people can still steal your confidential information from any kind of device. 

      We wish you a pleasant, productive and secure journey. 

      Take a look at our latest video to see how privacy filters can help you whilst working on the move.

      Also download our Safety Card for further instructions on how to attach our 3M Privacy Filters.