• Visual Data Security In The Financial Sector - Part 2

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    • The recent boom in mobile working means executives working on the move are more susceptible than ever to the threat of shoulder surfing and in many cases are either unaware, or ignoring the problem. A 2007 study by 3M found that there was an 80% chance that mobile workers had been the victims of others reading over their shoulders. For executives and mobile workers dealing with confidential company and customer data, it is more important than ever for their mobile devices and laptops to be protected. 3M Privacy filters and privacy screen protectors are available for a wide range of devices to combat this threat, and meet FCA guidelines on the issue.

      The growing number of mobile apps available for tablets and smart phones; allowing consumers to access account information, make payments and transfer money means confidential transactions conducted on mobile devices are on the rise. And with an increasing trend amongst banks and other financial institutions to personalise customer service and adopt tablet devices to interact with customers anywhere in a branch, this poses additional security threats.

      RBS and Natwest have recognised this threat to mobile devices and as such recommend the use of privacy screens to all customers to combat the threat of shoulder surfing. With security threats no longer limited to just consumers accessing information away from branch, all financial institutions utilising tablet devices in store should be doing the same. 3M’s range of privacy screen protectors for tablets and smart phones provide this solution.

      The 3M range of privacy products provide the most comprehensive range of solutions for devices in the financial sector, limiting the potential for costly data breaches and aiding compliance to the FCA and ICO guidelines on data security.