• Bonding Low Surface Energy Substrates

    Painting Rail Parts

    An unwaxed car hood exhibits high surface energy (HSE) and water spreads across the surface. Similar to water, adhesive on a high energy surface flows and “wets out” the surface. “Wetting” is necessary for effective bonding.

    A waxed hood exhibits low surface energy (LSE). In effect, the “energy of the wax” repels the water, forcing it into beads. Adhesive also beads up and does not effectively wet an LSE substrate. For bonding success with LSE thermoplastics, 3M offers several specially formulated adhesives and tapes.

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    • Applications success

      In 1976 plastics had become the most commonly used material in the world. By 2001 plastics was the fourth largest manufacturing segment in the United States. Today, wherever you live, work, or play, the use of plastics is growing, and with it the use of 3M adhesive and tape technologies to assemble, protect, and label products made of plastics or plastics combined with metal, wood, or other materials. Learn more on how to bond LSE Materials within Rail Applications.

      • Why LSE Surfaces are Hard to Bond
      • Benefits and Disadvantages of LSE Materials
      • Methods for Bonding LSE Surfaces
      • 3M Solutions --> Liquid Adhesives
      • 3M Solutions --> Pressure Sensitive Adheisves

      Duration: 49 Minutes

    Meet the expert

    • Billy Brady, Senior Application Engineer

      Billy Brady, Senior Application Engineer

      • 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division
      • 32 years of experience in Adhesives for Transportation and General Industry Applications
    • Patrizia Capogreco, Senior Application Engineer

      Patrizia Capogreco, Senior Application Engineer

      • Senior Application Engineer - 3M™ Adhesive Tapes
        European Adhesive Engineer certified by the European Welding Federation
        Degree in Material Science - Master in Composite Materials
        6 years of experience in research and development
        4 years of experience in adhesives for transportation and general industrial applications

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