• Solutions for weight reduction in Buses and Rail Vehicles

    Leightweight Rail

    Weight reduction is a critical factor to achieve Energy Efficiency objectives in Transportation.

    The restrictions in CO2 emissions, the progressive electrification of vehicles and the need to optimise operating costs all have a strong influence on the increasing need to make lighter vehicles.

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    CFRP Railway Joints

    • Solutions for weight reduction in Buses and Rail Vehicles

      In the mass transit market, electric Buses use heavy batteries that require a much lighter bus structure and interior trimming to compensate for battery overweight and reduce energy consumption; Rail operators often have to pay for usage and wear of rail tracks, which is proportional to rail car weight. In this Lightweighting mega-trend, Bus and Rail vehicles have to be designed with innovative materials and connections, or upgraded with lighter materials like composite or honeycomb panels.

      3M has a wide range of solutions to help Bus and Rail manufacturers reach their Lightweighting objectives. 3M Solutions help to incorporate lighter materials into designs and connect these materials to others, creating multi-material assemblies that do not lessen overall safety for passengers. Even using lighter materials, strength does not have to be sacrificed: our solutions make the vehicle lighter but equal in strength or even stronger than traditional vehicles.

      Many 3M bonding solutions also reduce noise and vibrations that a thinner and lighter material can generate: these advanced bonding solutions help to improve passenger experience and comfort. Among many other 3M solutions, 3M Glass Bubbles contribute to reduce the weight of plastic parts and sheet molded composite panels, and 3M vehicle wrapping solutions help reducing weight of paints and multiple interior parts.

      • Introduction to Lightweighting in Transportation
      • Assembly of lightweight materials using innovative 3M adhesives and tapes
      • Design and manufacturing of Lightweight panels using 3M solutions
      • Other 3M solutions for Lightweighting

      Duration: 46 Minutes

    Meet the expert

    • Henri Garcia, Senior Application Engineer

      Henri Garcia, Senior Application Engineer

      • 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division
      • European Adhesive Engineer certified by the European Welding Federation
      • Chemical Engineer from the Chemical Engineering Institute of Toulouse (France)
      • 25 years of experience in Adhesives for Transportation and General Industry Applications

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