• Finite Element Analysis Training Course for the Railway Industry

    Finite Element Analysis for Adhesives and Tapes

    Analyse product design and product performance with Finite Element Analysis for your Rail Solutions

    Railway engineers will create a rendering of an assembly with the finite element software and define each material of interest. Material models are one of the main inputs of an FEA, and directly influence the accuracy of the user’s final FEA results.

    REGISTER NOW: 03/11/2021 10:0011th March 2021 - 10.00

    Finite Element Analysis for Adhesives and Tapes

    • Enhance your Railway Design and Performance with FEA

      Unlike many metals and other standard engineering materials that can be simply modeled as linear-elastic materials, adhesives exhibit more complex types of mechanical behaviors when exposed to different loading conditions and thus require advanced testing and material calibration methods. 3M is uniquely positioned to characterize adhesive materials and provide advanced material models in a format compatible with a variety of finite element modeling software.

      • Learn what FEA/FEM Finite Element Analysis is and its benefits to your Rail Solution.
      • How FEA differs for Structural Adhesives and viscoelastic Tapes.
      • What support 3M can give you to solve Challenges within the Rail Industry.
      • Where to get more Information and specific Material Data Cards for products used within the Railway Industry.

      Duration: 1 Hour & 1 Minute

    Meet the engineer

    • Presenter: Tobias Waffenschmidt

      Dr.-Ing. Tobias Waffenschmidt, CAE Specialist

      • Education and Experience
        Diploma, Mechanical Engineering, University of Siegen
        PhD, Computational Mechanics, TU Dortmund
        3M Corporate Research, Neuss

        Technical Field
        Computational Solid Mechanics and Material Modeling
        Finite Element Simulation for Structural and (Thermo-) Mechanical Problems

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