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Rolling stock maintenance and refurbishment

When it comes to the overhaul and maintenance of rolling stock, rail operating companies face many different demands but they all share the same needs – to reduce turnaround times and refurbishment costs, while achieving exacting quality and safety standards. 3M’s unique portfolio gives you the edge providing you with a continually evolving range of innovative, world-class rail rolling stock refurbishment solutions.

  • Be it for smaller or larger repairs, 3M offers a wide range of masking solutions from masking tapes to films to allow working just on the area to be repaired whilst protecting adjacent surfaces. With purpose designed rectification materials, it also is fast and easy to remove any paint imperfections with 3M™ Trizact™ technologies. The 3M colour coded finishing system then allows to achieve a final high quality appearance.

  • When it comes to maintenance and overhaul 3M’s bonding solutions support interior and exterior designs. 3M has adhesive bonding technologies ranging from spray able adhesives, structural adhesives, hot melt adhesives, bonding tapes and adhesive sealants. Our solutions help speed up your assembly process, increase durability, increase productivity and lighten the load by reducing the number of mechanical fasteners needed.

  • Whether you are manufacturing or refurbishing in the rail industry, with 3M you are buying into over 100 years of expert heritage. Our cutting edge proprietary technology such as the revolutionary Precision Shaped Grain ceramic mineral used in 3M™ Cubitron™ II abrasives is designed to withstand the toughest substrates. We also have efficient solutions to give you the right finish while keeping the shape intact, from matching and blending, final blending or even paint preparation.