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Anti-graffiti graphic and window films for train exteriors and interiors

3M can help rail operators overcome some key industry challenges, more efficiently, cost effectively and above all, more competitively.

Learn about how our Graphic & Window Film solutions can help address these key challenges.

Increase Passenger Numbers
Improve Passenger Safety
Improve Passenger Comfort
Efficiency Gains And Lower Downtimes
Technical Support

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  • Empty seats inside a Rail coach

    Increase Passenger Numbers

    The choice of a transport mode is probably one of the most important models in transport planning and attracting new customers for public transport remains a challenge. Often people prefer to use their own car for travel. Research into the key factors driving this preference has shown that amongst the reasons is the condition of trains, such as unclean toilet facilities and train cars vandalised by graffiti.

    The 3M range of graphic solutions can help to create a pleasing visual effect inside and out, and when you want a change, they are easy to remove as well. The range of solutions also includes a variety of anti-graffiti, protective overlaminates. All 3M solutions are quick and easy to clean, keeping your graphics, carriages and windows looking fresh and appealing for longer. And if you need protection or graphics for your glass partitions and panels, 3M glass finishes provide a quick and easy method to refurbish these too.

  • Please refer to your supplier for details of fire test compliant products in the range.

  • Cracked window of a train

    Passenger Safety

    Rail vehicle accessibility is regulated and with good reason. Research shows a high percentage of injuries resulting from passenger trips, slips and falls. These high numbers are reflected in high insurance claims. Glass partitions in trains are also an area of focus. The aesthetics of glass are important, but safety cannot be compromised and safeguards need to be put in place against the risks of shattering due to UV rays.

    3M slip resistant flooring solutions can improve passenger safety, while the 3M range of window films offer solutions to keep shattered glass together and to provide protection against the sun by reflecting up to 99% of harmful solar rays.

  • Please refer to your supplier for details of fire test compliant products in the range.

  • Train door coloured in duck-egg blue

    Passenger Comfort

    Passenger comfort is a critical part of their choice of method of travel. It’s not easy to control the climate inside a train carriage with the doors opening and closing at every stop, and the floors can become dirty with the constant traffic on and off the train. Visual comfort is key too – passengers want to sit in a clean, visually attractive carriage, not one damaged with graffiti.

    Our graphic solutions will lead to a nicer customer experience, resulting in more repeat travel. A nicely maintained, clean and freshly designed toilet will also reflect well on your brand, and 3M offers cleaning solutions that can help with this. Our range of window films will keep the heat out of the train carriages on sunny days, helping to maintain an ambient travelling temperature.

  • Please refer to your supplier for details of fire test compliant products in the range.

  • Rail worker using laminate on train


    Sustainable solutions are an important consideration for the rail market, translating into the methods and materials employed in the construction, maintenance and operational processes of a rail company.

    3M offers solutions to help rail companies in this sustainable approach, including PVC and solvent-free solutions for printed graphics and temperature regulation through window films which can help to save energy costs.

  • Please refer to your supplier for details of fire test compliant products in the range.

  • Rail car under construction

    Efficiency & Downtime

    The cost of having a rail carriage out of service can sometimes be a hidden cost. Quite simply, rail downtime is revenue downtime. Reusing existing rail carriages could be an answer, but investing in new paint stations for refurbishment could be costly too. 3M’s graphic and architectural solutions offer the choice of refurbishing with a wide choice of pleasing designs or graphic solutions to rebrand your existing stock, quickly and without the mess associated with paint.

  • Please refer to your supplier for details of fire test compliant products in the range.

  •  3M™ MCS™ Warranty

    Technical Support

    3M's global reach and expertise can help you to overcome the challenges you face in areas such as brand experience, design & aesthetics and safety. Over our many years in the rail market, we have partnered many rail companies across the globe and have a proven track record of cases and customer references.

    Our team of experts is globally spread and will help you find the right solution for your challenge. We can work closely with you to define the right specification, select the right partners and give the correct warranty.

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