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3M offers a wide range of disposable respirators, reusable half and full face masks and powered & supplied air respirators for protection against gases, vapours and particulates. You can choose the protection level, comfort, and maintenance requirements you need to work safely and comfortably.

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  • 3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirator 9300+Gen3 Series is the third generation of the best-selling 3M™ Aura™ flat fold respirator. This is the third generation of the best-selling 3M Aura flat fold particulate respirator, featuring the original 3-panel, flat-fold design.

  • Designed with smart and intuitive features, the 3M™ Secure Click™ Half Mask Respirator HF-800 Series helps protect workers from a wide range of hazards when used with the approved 3M™ Secure Click™ filters. With innovative features such as the push to click filter system, quad flow filters and push button seal check, your workers can work with confidence and comfort.

  • 3M™ Versaflo™ Powered Air Respirator System TR-600 Series combines performance, protection and versatility with modern, stylish design and comfort. With selectable airflow rates, easy to use intuitive two button operation and a wide range of compatible headtop and filters, the TR-600 is ideal for use in a number of hazardous environments.

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Protect yourself with Respiratory Protection from 3M

    • Ideal for many industries and applications where workers require particulate protection e.g. dusts and mists.
    • A choice of cup shape or flat-fold, valved or unvalved and also the option to protect against ozone and nuisance levels of organic vapours and acid gases.
    • Lightweight, maintenance-free, comfortable, convenient and easy to use.
    • Offer protection against particulates, gases and vapours or a combination of these.
    • Feature replaceable or integrated filters. Many models are fully maintainable and may be be cleaned, stored and reused provided they are in good condition.
    • Full face respirators also offer integrated eye and face protection.
    • Offer protection againsts dusts, mists, fumes, gases, vapours and combination hazards.
    • Can offer integrated eye, face, head, neck and hearing protection in one system avoiding incompatibility issues between items of PPE.
    • Modular system allows you to mix and match items as your environments or application changes.
    • No increase in breathing resistance means more comfortable and longer wear time.
  • Our free 3M™ Select and Service Life Software can help make selecting the appropriate respirators faster and easier.

    The software can also help you estimate the service life of 3M™ Respirator Filters, which aid in maintaining your filter change schedule for gas and vapour filters.

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  • From tough and dirty worksites to hazardous chemicals and particulate contaminants, 3M™ offers a wide range of reliable respiratory protection solutions designed to suit the needs of your industry and help provide comfort, safety and peace of mind. Promote the confidence of your workers with an effective respiratory protection program featuring 3M’s innovative safety technologies.
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