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    3M awarded five TMT2 lots for ANPR cameras and systems

    February 02, 2017
    Powley, CoCreateX Catalyst

    Press Release

    3M awarded five TMT2 lots for ANPR cameras and systems

    3M has won a place on one of Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) frameworks that gives public sector organisations access to ‘best of breed’ suppliers of products and services.

    The science-based technology company was successful in all five of its applications for lots on the Traffic Management Technology 2 (TMT2) framework.

    These were: Traffic Monitoring and Traffic Enforcement Cameras (Lot 2); Parking and Access Control Systems (Lot 5); Urban Traffic Management Control and Common Database Systems (Lot 7); Intelligent Transport Systems (Lot 14); and Catalogue (Lot 15).

    Public sector bodies, including business partners, can now buy 3M various Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Technology, including Cameras, Software, Accessories and Systems, directly through the CCS’s online catalogue, or by requesting a quote from multiple suppliers via a tendering portal.

    Stuart Gwinnett, 3M national sales manager, said: “3M has been at the forefront of producing high quality traffic management and road safety solutions for more than 70 years, and continues to invest heavily in this area.

    “Our public sector customers choose 3M ANPR Cameras for their high build quality, exceptional performance, ease of maintenance and our regular software updates.

    “We are therefore delighted to have been awarded five lots on the TMT2 framework, as this will allow us to deliver first-class solutions directly to an even wider client base, thereby helping to keep the public safe across all market sectors in the UK.”

    TMT2 provides public sector organisations, from councils to police forces, with a list of carefully screened commercial suppliers of traffic and roadside technology goods and services. This allows them quick and easy access to both simple and complex road traffic and safety solutions.

    The EU-compliant scheme, which replaced the Traffic Management Technology framework in October 2016, saves the taxpayer money by centralising buying requirements for common goods and services, as well as by bringing together smaller projects.

    The framework also saves public sector bodies’ time, and pre-agreed terms and conditions offer sound contractual safeguards.

    Stuart added: “3M is always striving to deliver cost savings and other benefits to its public sector customers, and so in turn the taxpayer. Being a part of TMT2 will enable us to do this more than ever before.”

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