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    Sign Maintenance webinar

    March 24, 2017
    Powley, CoCreateX Catalyst

    Sign maintenance - what you need to know

    Wednesday 21 June 2017 | 12:00 (GMT)
    Speaker: Andy Fish | Technical Specialist

    The second topic in our quarterly 3M Lunchtime Learning Series will focus on Sign Maintenance.

    Clear and effective traffic signs are essential for the efficient operation of the road network, the enforcement of traffic regulations and for road safety.

    Our webinar will address some of the key areas for thought with regards to the maintenance of traffic signs in the UK, including:

    • Why is maintenance important? - A brief introduction to why the effective maintenance of traffic signs is so important. .
    • Retro-reflectivity, the basics - A recap of the basics of retro-reflectivity and what the key terms mean.
    • Practical measurements - The importance of measuring traffic signs in the field and how to do it effectively.
    • Interpreting the data - A summary of how to interpret traffic sign measurements using practical examples.