Road Construction Zones

  • Road Construction Zones

    Ensuring you navigate your way safely through road works.

    By definition, road construction and repair interfere with normal traffic flows causing unexpected and potentially dangerous conditions. Highly visible and conspicuous guidance day and night is essential to protect drivers and workers alike.

    For these temporary working and driving environments, 3M offer a range of uniquely designed solutions, starting from retro-reflective materials applied to traffic signs, bollards, delineators to road markings and average speed enforcement cameras. The use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition solutions for average speed management aids in the reduction of accidents and improves safety.

    The number of road work zone activities and road infrastructure repairs are on the increase and are further complicated by night time work to reduce the impact on day time traffic congestion. Further complexity and confusion is added due to poor lighting and visual clutter, growing traffic volumes, inclement weather, narrow lanes and pedestrian workers operating close to moving vehicles.

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  • Temporary signing shouldn't mean low quality, so our range of reflective sheeting for temporary applications gives the same high performance reflectivity and brightness as our permanent sheeting. 3M retro-reflective sheeting materials help to ensure temporary traffic control devices, such as cones, bollards, delineators and posts, are more visible and durable making for a safer road works environment.

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  • 3M™ Stamark™ Temporary Wet Reflective Removable Road Marking Tapes help to create new temporary line markings. Our tapes help drivers navigate safely through the road works zone and maintain reflective visibility in wet and dry conditions, day and night. In addition to tapes that mark out new lines, we also supply a black tape to mask out the old lines, meaning that existing road markings can be quickly reinstated.
    The ease and speed of application and removal without leaving scar marks, mean that road works can be completed and re-opened much more quickly.

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  • To ensure drivers maintain a reduced speed throughout road work areas, average speed cameras are often deployed.
    In the United Kingdom, a four year evaluation of average speed camera effectiveness commissioned by the Department for Transport found a 70% reduction in speeding at fixed sites, a fall of 6% in average speeds and a 42% reduction in people killed and seriously injured.
    3M offers an Average Speed Camera System which utilises the same technology as a permanent average speed application using Automatic Number Plate Recognition capability.

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