Temporary Road Markings

  • Temporary Road Markings

    Maintaining safety within road maintenance environments is an ongoing issue for both motorists and road workers. Every year approximately 600 injuries occur from motor vehicle accidents in road works areas. To help reduce this number, 3M continues to lead the development of advanced temporary road marking technologies and materials.

    3M™ Stamark™ Temporary Wet Reflective Removable Road Marking Tapes help drivers to navigate safely through road works zones using temporary line markings that maintain reflective visibility day and night and in both wet and dry conditions. As well as tapes that mark out new lines, we also supply black tape to mask out the old lines, meaning that existing road markings can be quickly reinstated without unnecessary delays when works are finished, and no trace of the tape is left on the carriageways.​

    Our temporary road markings can be applied and removed quickly and easily without leaving scar marks, allowing works to be completed much more efficiently, saving you money and easing congestion for drivers.

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