Inks and Overlay Film

  • Inks and Overlay Film

    When it comes to creating the perfect sign, we've thought of everything, including how the sign performs, how easy it is to make and maintain, and how to limit the environmental impact of our production methods. Our range of inks and overlay films protect drivers by helping to maintain sign performance even in challenging environments where signs are constantly dirtied by dew, mud and rain, as well as deliberate abuse such as graffiti and fly-posting. Our overlay films also help to protect your investment by making sign faces easier to clean, and easier to maintain.

    By bringing technological innovation into every aspect of our business, we are able to offer products and components that guarantee the best performance, the greatest return on your investment and help to protect the planet. As part of this commitment to our products and our customers, we offer an extended warranty on all permanent traffic signs through our approved sign maker network.

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  • Protective Overlay Films

    3M™ Engineer Grade Prismatic (EGP) Reflective Sheeting is a non-metalised microprismatic lens retroreflective sheeting, designed for use with reflective commercial signs and noncritical traffic control signs. EGB is the material of choice for general signage applications requiring Class RA1 specifications.

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    Protective Overlay Films Protective Overlay Films
  • Electrocut Films

    Where screenprinting or cut-outs aren't appropriate, our ElectroCut™ Series 1170 film offers a cost effective and highly efficient alternative. It can be used to create coloured backgrounds, panels, text or symbols on traffic signs.

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    Electrocut Films Electrocut Films
  • Printing Inks

    Our 3M™ Protective Overlay Film (POF) Series 1150 and 1160 series protective overlay films can both be used to protect sign faces against damage and deterioration due to natural and man-made causes.

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    Printing Inks Printing Inks

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  • March 01, 2016

    Digital Printer in Practice

    When Morelock Signs decided to go digital, it was in expectation of environmental savings as much as productivity gains.

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    March 01, 2016 Digital Printer in Practice Digital Printer in Practice

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