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Pete's Respirator Round-Up

  • Keeping workers both safe and comfortable can be a constant challenge, especially when faced with the difficulty of not knowing which protection products best meet your health and safety needs. That's why we have created a series of helpful guidance videos aimed at helping you to choose products from our range of respiratory protective equipment with confidence.

    Meet Pete, a futuristic character inspired by our very own expert Pete Hilton from the 3M Health & Safety Helpline. In each video, Pete explores how 3M respiratory products offer a range of advanced protective benefits to your workers, from embossed panels that reduce the misting of eyewear, to exhalation valves that help to keep your workers cool.

    Watch our videos now to find out from Pete why the 3M™ 9300+ Series and 8300 Series Disposable Respirators, the 3M™ 4000 Series Maintenance Free Respirator and the 3M™ 7500 Series Reusable Respirator are the workers choice.

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Disposable Respirators

Disposable Respirators

Advanced disposable respirator technology, unmatched support.

View our disposable respirators

3M has been a pioneer in disposable respiratory protection for over four decades, investing millions of pounds & years of hard work in developing the products that you want to wear. Our extensive range is packed with features which improve comfort & fit, helping to keep you safe and productive.

Reusable Respirators

Reusable Respirators

Comfortable, adaptable, and dependable, 3M has got it covered.

View our reusable respirators

3M reusable respirators are optimised for wearer comfort, adaptability between hazards & durability to withstand tough working environments. Our wide range of spares & consumables allow the respirators to be easily maintained, offering excellent value for money.

  • 3M™ Half Mask Respirator 7500 Series
    3M™ Half Mask Respirator 7500 Series

    The 7500 offers exceptionally high levels of wearer comfort and a good fit across a broad range of face shapes & sizes. The soft, pliable silicone faceseal is the softest in the 3M range for a comfortable fit to the face whilst the 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve helps to remove heat & moisture build-up inside the mask.

    Small Size Mask 7501
    Medium Size Mask 7502
    Large Size Mask 7503

  • 3M™ Half Mask Respirator 4000 Series
    3M™ Half Mask Respirator 4000 Series

    With no parts assembly or maintenance required this simple, lightweight, well balanced respirator offers reliable respiratory protection against a range of gases, vapours and particulates typically found in a variety of industries. A unique bonded carbon technology allows the respirator to sit close to the face and fit well under many other types of protective equipment, providing an undisturbed field of vision and a more comfortable worklife.

    FFA1P2R D Filters – 4251
    FFA2P3R D Filters – 4255
    FFABE1P3 R D Filters – 4277
    FFABEK1P3 R D Filters – 4279

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