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We believe that every problem has a solution.

At 3M, asking "what if" is our way of life. We are a company rooted in scientific exploration and discovery. All our businesses are connected by our fundamental strengths- Technology, Manufacturing, Global Capabilities, and Brand- which allow us to invent, build, and sell products across our vast global network.

Featured Sustainable Solutions

Research & Development is our heartbeat. We continue to invest in scientific research and product development in close partnership with our customers and the marketplace.

  • Post-it® Brand is committed to developing fresh, bright color palettes that reflect today’s tastes, while also keeping an eye on sustainability.

  • Mimic the aesthetics of natural and synthetic materials at a fraction of the usual price, and far more quickly than a typical refurbishment would usually take.

  • Imagine lighter-weight vehicles that travel farther on less fuel, more efficient ways insulate deepsea pipelines, or paint that helps keep homes cooler in summer.

  • Fighting food-borne illnesses faster, whilst using 76% less energy, 76% less water, and with a 75% lower carbon footprint.

  • create a long-lasting bond that actually builds strength over time, eliminating distracting, visible fasteners, like screws and bolts.