About 3M Water Quality Solutions

  • Quality water is crucial for many operations within the residential, industrial and commercial food service markets. With over 75 years of experience as a leader in providing water filtration products, 3M Separation & Purification Sciences Division delivers technology that improves water quality.

Water Quality Applications

  • Water Quality Applications for Residential Water Filtration
    Residential Water Filtration

    To improve your home water quality, 3M has a range of water filtration solutions.

    More coming soon!

  • With our 3M Commercial Food Service Water Filtration systems, you can help protect your capital equipment while serving great-tasting beverages, clear ice and spot-free dishware. 3M is committed to helping you maximize your profits through superior water filtration products.

3M™ Water Filtration Shutdown & Restart Guide

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    Keep your business flowing when it’s open—and help protect your equipment when it’s not. Performing a proper shutdown of your 3M™ Water Filtration System is an essential practice to help preserve its functionality and help ensure expensive appliances are ready to go when you restart them back up.