About 3M Water Quality Solutions

  • Quality water is crucial for many operations within the residential, industrial and commercial food service markets. With over 75 years of experience as a leader in providing water filtration products, 3M Separation & Purification Sciences Division delivers technology that improves water quality.

Water Quality Applications

  • To improve your home water quality, 3M has a full line of drinking water filters, whole house water filters and water softeners. Our Whole House Water Filter and Treatment products can also help provide protection for your home's piping system.

  • With our 3M Commercial Food Service Water Filtration systems, you can help protect your capital equipment while serving great-tasting beverages, clear ice and spot-free dishware. 3M is committed to helping you maximize your profits through superior water filtration products.

  • 3M Filtration and Separation is a leading provider of innovative filtration and gas management solutions throughout the process continuum of incoming water, process water or fluids and wastewater. 3M offers products and solutions to meet customers’ needs for their specific manufacturing process.

3M Water Filtration Shutdown & Restart Guide

  • Waiter putting chairs on top of tables in a closed restaurant.

    Keep your business flowing when it’s open—and help protect your equipment when it’s not. Performing a proper shutdown of your 3M™ Water Filtration System is an essential practice to help preserve its functionality and help ensure expensive appliances are ready to go when you restart them back up.