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Consistency matters, and customers count on 3M filtration.

Here’s how a popular chain partnered with 3M to help resolve issues caused by varying source water from location to location.

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    The Challenge

    • Helping improve beverage taste and appearance consistency across multiple locations.

      When a multi-national QSR upgraded its equipment, it was a significant investment requiring water filtration that would not only help ensure a consistent product taste across all locations, but also help reduce contaminants that can negatively impact machine performance and life. Knowing that varying water sources can cause inconsistencies in taste as well as damage costly equipment, and that there wasn't a one-solution-fits-all answer, the customer reached out to the filtration experts at 3M.

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    The Solution

    • Recommending the right systems and filtration.

      The 3M team knew that to meet the customer’s objectives, they would need a filtration solution to help remove sediment and chlorine. This would help prevent off-tasting beverages and create an excellent taste profile. Because of the customer investment in new equipment, the 3M team wanted to help maximise equipment longevity and performance by reducing sediment.

      The team began by helping to establish water quality testing and parameters for the target water quality at customer locations. They also needed to keep in mind each location’s available space for a filtration solution that would be easily accessible. Once they had this key information, they were able to confidently recommend implementing the 3M™ Water Filtration products to provide consistent quality water for great-tasting beverages. To conclude, the 3M Team also provided system maintenance guidance and made themselves available to help solve any issues that arose.

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    The Result

    • Consistent taste, happy customers.

      The result was more consistent, great-tasting beverages produced with protected equipment – but that's not the end of the story. This partnership continues as the 3M team looks for innovative solutions to increase efficiency and minimise waste to help streamline their operations now and into the future.

What Success Sounds Like

“The 3M team helped a lot – whether on the phone or in person, they were there when we needed them. Not a lot of companies would do that. Their support was really important, especially at the beginning.”

~ Multinational Coffee & Food Franchise Owner
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