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Industrial filtration and separation to power the future.

3M products for emerging markets and other industrial applications.


Filtration and Separation in Emerging Markets and other Industrial Applications

Water is used in virtually every step of every manufacturing process every day. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your filtration and separation helps to meet your efficiency, productivity, regulatory and conservation goals.

Whether it’s incoming raw materials, continuous or batch process or final filtration, 3M has the solutions you need to help you to maximize and streamline your water and application processes.

Applications for Emerging Markets and other Industrial Applications


Obviously it’s important to desalinate sea water before using it for your manufacturing processes or municipal water needs, but it’s also important to do it efficiently. 3M filtration and separation products can help remove suspended solids and dissolved gasses from ocean water before the reverse osmosis process which is key to longer filter life and successful desalination.

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Other Source Water

The source water used in pharma manufacturing has to be filtered to ensure quality finished products. Fine particle reduction prior to the reverse osmosis process can help prolong filter life and protect downstream equipment during the manufacturing process.

3M has the filtration solutions you need to help efficiently and successfully treat pharma source water.

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Paints, Coatings, Adhesives

Filtration plays a big role in paint, coating and adhesive manufacturing. Whether it’s filtering incoming water and raw materials filtering during the process itself or final filtration before products leave the plant, the filtration solutions you choose are crucial to your success.

Help ensure quality from start to finish with flexible, trusted and proven filtration solutions from 3M.

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Water for Phamaceutical Industry

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