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Filtration and Gas Management in Oil and Gas

The production and processing demands of the oil and gas industry require filtration and separation solutions that are engineered to maximize outcomes. Successful operations need filtration and separation that helps increase efficiency, reduce downtime, protect valuable equipment and meet strict environmental regulations.

From upstream drilling and mid-stream distribution to downstream refining, 3M filtration and separation supports applications throughout the oil and gas industry.

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Onshore Injection Well

3M™ High Flow and bag filters at the injection well

Offshore Injection Wells

3M™ High Flow cartridges and 3M™ Liqui-Cel™ Membrane Contactors work together to remove suspended solids and oxygen from produced water for reinjection or other uses.

Produced Water Recycling

3M™ High Flow cartridge filters and bag filters as part of the produced water treatment process

Amine Sweetening

3M solutions for amine sweetening filtration, pre-RO and pre-3M™ Liqui-Cel Membrane Contactor filtration, oxygen removal for steam generation in the boiler plant, and other petrochemical product filtration.

End Product filtration

Utilize 3M™ High Flow Filters, 3M™ Polyester DF and NB Filter Bags in the finished oil and gas product filtration along the supply chain.

Applications for Oil and Gas

We’re here to help. For more than 100 years, 3M has partnered with our customers to develop innovative filtration and purification products to help in their processes.

Produced Water Recycling

Produced water is a byproduct of drilling operations that needs to be addressed with filtration whether it’s going to be used as part of fracking, other drilling operations or disposed of. A key concern is making sure the water is treated so it doesn’t foul the oil formation, reducing well production. With the right filtration, rejected water can be used as frack water, flood water, construction water and other uses, and thereby reducing well production.

3M’s filtration products provide the particle reduction needed for efficient oil and gas applications.

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Amine Sweetening

Removing acidic and sour gases like carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from the stream is critical to helping improving safety, protect machinery and meet environmental regulations.

3M has the filtration solutions you need for your amine sweetening process.

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Final Product Filtration

Last, but definitely not least, is the filtration you use at the end of the refining process. This filtration is how you help guarantee your final product meets specifications and is ready for market.

3M has final product filtration solutions that feature the high flow rates, reliability, particle reduction and efficiencies you need to deliver a quality product.

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