Food Industry

Food and Beverage Industry

Spending a little on food industry PPE can add up to big savings later.

Safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) for the food manufacturing industry

There are many processes and applications in the food industry which may cause a variety of potential health risks to employees. Weighing, dispensing, mixing, cutting, cleaning transportation in-house and warehousing. It is important that employees are adequately protected against such hazards. 3M have developed effective products to safeguard and protect your workforce against these.



PPE for the Food Industry

  • Hearing Protection

    Hearing Protection

    Leading the advancement of Hearing Conservation

    Most food industries have processes that emit hazardous noise levels in the range of 85dB(A)-95dB(A). Typical examples of work environments include bakery, dairy and confectionery industries. In milling, drink production and the meat industry the noise level can reach up to 100dB(A). 3M offers a wide range of products especially designed for the food industry including ear plugs, ear muffs and communication headsets to protect against hazardous noise levels.

    To help understand the individual hearing protection needs of each employee - use the 3M™ E-A-Rfit™ Validation System.

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  • Eye Protection

    Eye Protection

    3M offers two main eye protection products that are ideal for use within the food industry environment. Due to the potential risks that exist within this type of environment it is essential that the eyes are protected adequately. Maintenance of machinery can often release flying debris or particles. Take a look at the 3M products available to combat such hazards.

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  • Respiratory Protection

    Respiratory Protection

    Frequent exposure to particle dusts from flour, spices or coffee for example can put food manufacturing workers at risk of developing respiratory diseases such as asthma, a distressing and potentially life threatening condition. Workers involved in activities such as milling, sieving or weighing ingredients are at particular risk.

    With over 30 years of experience in respiratory protection 3M offers a range of quality disposable respirators that deliver reliable protection against particle hazards.

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  • Protective Clothing

    Protective Clothing

    3M offers a range of disposable protective clothing to complement its range of respiratory, hearing, head and eye protection products and provide broader safety solutions to its customers who work in food manufacturing industries.

    3M has a select choice of high quality protective clothing, labcoats and accessories offering breathability and comfort or splash and jet liquid protection you can rely on. With high level construction quality, the range gives peace of mind for effective use and protection for the individual against possible hazards and for the environment against cross contamination.

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