• Hearing protection & fit validation webinar

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    Hearing protection safety training webinar

    Presented by 3M’s industry leading experts, this webinar will outline factors involved in selecting hearing protection that’s best suited for the individual and the work environment.

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    • What factors are part of hearing protection selection and fit validation ?

      There are many factors involved when selecting appropriate hearing protector which may include type (continuous or impulse) and level of noise you want to reduce, comfort, compatibility with other PPE, situational awareness and communication between you and co-workers. Choosing the right hearing protection can be a difficult task.

      Just as important as selection, performing an effective fit validation test will help ensure the chosen hearing protector provides an effective acoustic seal and offers an appropriate level of protection to prevent the development of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) thus helping improve the employer's safety and health compliance.

      Choosing the right hearing protection can be difficult. This webinar will explain:

      • How to select the correct hearing protector
      • The different sound level measurements you need to understand
      • Fit testing and the different methods for estimating sound level under the hearing protector including SNR, HML and Octave Band.

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    Presented by 3M’s industry leading experts.

    • Steven Ellis, 3M UK and Ireland Application Engineer

      • Steven has been providing expert technical support across a multitude of market segments ever since he joined 3M's (Peltor) communications division in 2000. While his current role is focussed on the UK&I market, his previous roles have included responsibility for service support for the UK&I and Western Europe. Prior to joining 3M, Steven's career began in telecommunications in 1979 where he worked on long distance telecom trunking systems. He was self employed for many years providing bespoke solutions in communications, machine control, telemetry. Experienced in bespoke design, development and manufacture of various aspects of electronics.

    • Webinar presenter Muhammed Saleem, 3M Application Specialist

      Mohammed Saleem (Sal), EMEA Application Engineering Senior Specialist

      • Sal is our EMEA Application Engineering Senior Specialist and holds an MSc degree in Industrial Hygiene from Newcastle University (United Kingdom). He has been with 3M for 30 years and brings extensive knowledge in the world of personal protective equipment (PPE) with specific interest in the field of hearing protection. Sal also brings a wealth of experience from his active involvement in the European and International Standards development activities.

      • Sal is currently Leader of the UK Delegation of CEN/TC159 Hearing Protection Technical Committee and Convenor of the ISO/TC94/SC6/WG6 Eye and Face Protection Technical Committee. In addition, he is the acting Chair for the British Safety Industry Federation for hearing and eye protection product group.

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