• Health and Safety Leadership Training

    Construction worker wearing Safety helmet with Peltor Communication Headset

    3M webinar on the understanding of human factors or behavioural factors in relation to health and safety​

    Presented by 3M’s industry leading experts, this webinar will explore the elements that make up an organisation’s safety culture and how effective leadership can achieve health and safety improvements.

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    Construction worker wearing Safety helmet with Peltor Communication Headset

    • Learn about human factors or behavioural factors in relation to health and safety

      Ensuring adequate protection is maintained through the implementation of a personal protective equipment (PPE) programme relies on many different factors and the commitment of both management and workers.

      The safety culture – attitude, behaviour and leadership towards health and safety at all levels within an organisation – can have a major positive or negative influence on the success of a PPE programme.

      This webinar provides a general overview of behavioural safety and health and safety leadership and it’s impact of the use of PPE in the workplace.​ ​Presented by a PPE specialist with experience of health and safety in relation to the use of PPE in the workplace.

      For more detailed information of human factors please consult a human factor specialist /ergonomist. Local country or regional regulations and guidance varies, and the responsibility for the correct management of health and safety at work compliance with local country or regional regulations, is with the employer.

      The consequences of undesirable behaviour at work can be far reaching.​
      Human factors are a major component of the causes of accidents in the workplace.

      In 2003, the ILO has estimated that 4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP – one of the most-used measurements of national wealth) is lost due to accidents and work-related diseases. In 2001, 4% of the world GDP came to more than 1 trillion US$.​

      It is widely acknowledged that leadership is a key component of the safety of an organisation and this is supported by the findings of almost all major incident inquiries and investigations.​

      Safety in numbers: ILO (PDF 0,7 MB)

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    Presented by 3M’s industry leading experts.

    • Webinar presenter Scott Blakelock, 3M Application Specialist

      Scott Blakelock, 3M UK and Ireland Application Engineer

      • Scott is our UK and Ireland Application Engineer for Welding, Head, Eye, Face and Coveralls and has worked at 3M for 13 years. In his current role, Scott will support customer product selection or training requirements that focus on workplace hazards, health impacts, product features, care and maintenance of their PPE.

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