• Webinar: Working at height in construction

    construction work at height

    Introducing our webinar on personal safety when working on height in construction

    During this webinar, 3M industry experts will walk you through some of the hazards, best practices and suggested PPE solutions for construction fall protection.


    fall protection construction

    • Working at height in construction

      Every day, nearly one million workers globally suffer a workplace accident, and close to 6,300 people will die due to an occupational accident or disease: Head impact and eye injuries, hearing and respiratory hazards, falls from height and dropped objects: As construction worker you might face all of these and more day in and day out.

      Using personal protective equipment (PPE) is the last line of defence, and when selecting PPE, consideration should be given to the wearer, work task and work environment. When safety for employees who work at heights is a priority, everyone on your team stands to benefit.

      You may be exposed to 'working at height hazards’ in a construction site if you are working in any place where a person could fall to a lower level causing injury. This includes working on a ladder, scaffolding, flat or sloped roofs, near a floor or wall edge, fragile surfaces, confined spaces and other locations. 

      3M recognises the problem as one of the biggest challenges in construction industry. During this webinar, 3M industry experts will walk you through some of the hazards, best practices and suggested PPE solutions for construction fall protection.

      This webinar will focus on:

      • working from mobile elevated work platforms
      • scaffolding and leading edge applications
      • challenges like understanding fall clearances
      • the risks from dropped objects

      The webinar will last 45 minutes. Register for free.

    Presented by 3M’s industry leading expert.

    • Stephen Morris, 3M Application Engineer

      Stephen Morris, 3M Application Engineer

      • Stephen Morris is our Application Engineer for Fall Protection and Confined Space Access at 3M UK and Ireland, supporting our customers, distributors and sales teams. During his 35+ years career, spanning many industries and sectors, Stephen has gained extensive experience with many aspects of the fall protection and confined spaces access industry. Starting as a Telecoms rigger he progressed into height safety and confined space access training and joined 3M as Safety Training Manager in 2010.

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