• Occupational deafness: How to prevent noise induced hearing loss at your workplace

    Using proper hearing protection will help to prevent occupational deafness

    Protect today and hear tomorrow

    During this webinar you will learn more about the early signs of hearing loss, impact on our everyday life – both at work and leisure and how 3M can help safeguard and protect your hearing for life.

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    Use earmuffs or earplugs when you work in noisy environments

    • Learn how to prevent noise induced hearing loss at your workplace

      Our ears are working 24/7, even when we are asleep, we rely on our ears to detect warning and emergency sounds such as smoke/fire alarm. Everyday millions of people around the world suffer from hearing disorders.  

      Occupational deafness is a condition that normally results from sustained exposure to harmful noise levels. Sometimes irreversible hearing loss can also occur as a result of exposure to sudden high level of peak impulse noise in the workplace environment.

      Noise induced hearing loss is not only related to occupational activities, but also linked to exposure to noisy leisure activities such as rock concert or F1 racing, for example. Hearing loss can affect our everyday life, ranging from the ability to safely perform our work task to enjoying quality leisure time.

      Whilst some of the hearing loss may be attributed to ageing or side effects of certain medical treatment, however vast majority of the hearing loss cases are associated with occupational or recreational related activities. The good news is that both recreational and occupational hearing loss is totally preventable.

      3M recognises the problem as one of the biggest challenges in workers’ health protection. During this webinar you will learn more about the:

      • magnitude and effects of hearing loss
      • early signs of hearing loss
      • impact on our everyday life – both at work and leisure
      • how 3M can help safeguard and protect your hearing for life

      The webinar will last 45 minutes. Register for free.

    Presented by 3M’s industry leading experts.

    • Steven Ellis, 3M UK and Ireland Application Engineer

      Steven Ellis, 3M UK and Ireland Application Engineer

      • Steven has been providing expert technical support across a multitude of market segments ever since he joined 3M's (Peltor) communications division in 2000. While his current role is focussed on the UK&I market, his previous roles have included responsibility for service support for the UK&I and Western Europe. Prior to joining 3M, Steven's career began in telecommunications in 1979 where he worked on long distance telecom trunking systems. He was self employed for many years providing bespoke solutions in communications, machine control, telemetry. Experienced in bespoke design, development and manufacture of various aspects of electronics.

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