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3M is a science-based technology company committed to improving lives and doing business in the right way

About 3M

There's so much we could say when we are asked about our company - but let's keep things simple. We are a science-based technology company that is committed to improving lives and doing business in the right way - which is why we have been listed as a World's Most Ethical Company for nine years in succession. And we love applying our science to creating products that, in big ways and small, make things better in some way. Helping people to be safe. Making them more productive. Protecting their health. Safeguarding the environment. And we have an insatiable appetite for meeting the world's ever-changing challenges. We are relentless in our pursuit of solutions to our customers' problems - one third of our revenues come from products that didn't exist five years ago. At 3M, honesty, integrity and the ability to work as part of a team contribute to a culture that is founded on curiosity, problem-solving and collaboration.  We work tirelessly to deliver our vision: 3M technology advancing every company. 3M products enhancing every home. 3M innovation improving every life.

  • Learn about our culture of innovation and how we're applying science to life.

  • Our new brand embraces the science at the heart of everything we do.

  • See the ways 3Mers use science, technology, and collaboration to overcome global challenges and improve lives.

  • Learn how we invest in the communities where we live and work.

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    Join 3M's team of dedicated innovators who make an impact and transform the way people around the world live.

  • At 3M, we believe that what the company stands for is just as important as what we sell. Our Code of Conduct has helped us build a century-old tradition of operating with uncompromising honesty and integrity.

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  • 3M United Kingdom Plc Tax Strategy In compliance with Section 161 and Section 19(2) of Schedule 19 to the Finance Act 2016.

  • This report sets out below how the Principles have been applied during 2019 across 3M United Kingdom PLC and its active subsidiary undertakings.

  • We asked 17,000 people from 17 countries for their thoughts on science. People trust science and believe it can help make the world healthier, safer and more sustainable. We are with them. Explore the full State Of Science Index results.

  • The best way to avoid purchasing a counterfeit product is to always buy from a 3M authorised reseller. When you do, you have the highest assurance that you have received genuine 3M product.

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