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16 Products

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3M™ Flexile Acoustic Material.

3M Acoustic Management Solutions


Sound Solutions for Automotive NVH

As the future of automotive design continues to evolve, in volume and quality, sound becomes as important as appearance and functionality. At 3M, we have spent decades helping to effectively manage noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in your automotive designs without adding weight. And our solutions continue to lead the market. 3M™ Flexile Acoustic Material – our unique, high-performance acoustic technology – leverages the synergy between acoustic particles and a micro-fibrous structure to treat both airborne and structural noise in a single layer. Through our Thinsulate™ brand we continue improving sound insulation and absorption nearly anywhere on the vehicle, including engine-side and other high-temperature applications. And our 3M™ Engineered Damping Material EDM1000 Series is cleaner, easier to apply and delivers comparable performance to traditional constrained layer damping material, at half the weight. If this sounds good to you, we invite you to hear more. Explore now.

The Sound of Great Design

3M packs a lot of performance into 3M™ Flexile Acoustic Material. The dissipative material has both absorber and barrier properties in a single layer. Explore the science behind how our material functions comparted to typical absorber and barrier materials on the market​.

  • Infographic showing noise and vibration travel into a car
    3M™ Flexile Acoustic Material FAB0910
    1. High dissipative noise
    2. Low transmitted noise​
    3. Low reflected noise​

    When sound waves approach a dissipator through a structure, most of the arriving energy is converted to heat. Only low amount of energy is reflected and passes through to the interior of the vehicle. As a result, dissipators are less sensitive to leakage.


  • Infographic showing noise and vibration travel into a car
    Typical absorber
    1. Medium dissipative noise
    2. High transmitted noise​
    3. Low reflected noise​

    When sound waves meet an acoustic absorber, some energy dissipates as heat. As a result, there is low reflected noise. However, most of the sound is transmitted through the material because there is not much resistance.


  •  Infographic showing noise and vibration travel into a car
    Typical barrier
    1. Low dissipative noise​
    2. Low transmitted noise​
    3. High reflected noise​

    When sound waves meet a barrier, most of the sound is reflected because of the airflow resistance of the material. As a result, limited sound is transmitted into the interior of the vehicle.


Featured Product: 3M™ Flexile Acoustic Material FAB0910​

  • 3M™ Flexile Acoustic Material FAB0910 Video

    Absorber and barrier performance in a single layer​

    3M™ Flexile Acoustic Material FAB0910 combines multiple acoustic properties in a single, non-molded material that is ideal for treating tire and road noise. Our high-performance technology is lighter weight than most typical barriers and provides good acoustic absorption. The thin material allows you have more flexibility in your designs and the potential to increase cabin space.

    Watch the video: We put 3M FAB0910 to the test against two competitive solutions: shoddy and EVA. This experiment uses white noise to demonstrate how our material performs in normal applications and ones that require pass-through holes. Hear the results for yourself.

Need Help Finding the Right NVH Solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of automotive OEM and Tier suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.