Paint repair with 3M Finesse-it
Automotive Manufacturing: End of Line & Offline Repair

Automotive Manufacturing: End of Line & Offline Repair

  • Some jobs are too big or time-consuming to be done on the assembly line. Large area paint repair requires defects be removed, the surface prepared and may require surfaces to be masked before paint is applied and finished. 3M has efficiency tools, supplies and processes for every stage of a repair – allowing you to deliver a fix in the shortest possible time with minimal waste.

Typical Process Steps

  • Tools for offline repair
    1. Surface Prep
      Typically, in an offline repair, surfaces are sanded to smooth defects and cleaned to ensure optimal adhesion
    2. Large Area surface repair
      The surface is then masked and primers, basecoats and clearcoats are applied
    3. Paint Finishing
      Then compounding, polishing and buffing takes place to enhance paint quality and factory finish.

Featured End of Line & Offline Repair Applications

  • Operator sanding with 3M Finesse-it
  • Paint Preparation

    Paint preparation, or surface prep tasks often feature different forms of grinding, sanding and finishing – ensuring the substrate is optimally prepped for paint or coating adhesion.

    Learn more about our new dust free abrasive paint prep system below.

  • Our 3M Xtract™ Series Random Orbital Sanders deliver the power and features you need in your surface preparation & finishing process.

  • This premium net disc allows virtually dust-free sanding to prevent loading, increase productivity and provide a cleaner work environment. The revolutionary 3M Precision Shaped Grain technology provides fast cut and long life. Cuts up to 2x as fast as conventional abrasives and guarantees up to 99% dust extraction.

  • Auto body paint masking application
  • Masking

    Effective masking requires reliable coverage and adhesion to achieve sharp color lines and surface protection. 3M masking products are engineered to stick firmly to many different substrates, survive the heat of the bake cycle and then remove cleanly to help keep your production efficient.

  • Masking to the right depth can mean the difference between a perfect paint job and one that needs rework. 3M™ Adjustable Paint Masking Applicator is a robust masking tape application tool used to apply Scotch® Fine Line tapes (up to 19 mm) on complex surfaces, such as the roofline or rear hatch of a vehicle.

  • This buff crepe paper tape is ideal for applications in automotive, specialty vehicles and industrial markets where water, moisture and solvent resistant is required.

  • Scotch® High Temperature Fine Line Tape 4737TL features a natural rubber, pressure sensitive adhesive that holds reliably to surface contours. Its smooth, vinyl backing provides conformability for working with complex shapes and curved surfaces. Due to its specially developed backing, this tape resists lifting around corners or in depressed areas.

  • 3M™ Purple Premium Plus Masking Film is a premium high density plastic sheeting that resists moisture imprinting or ghosting on painted vehicle surfaces. It is designed so that tape could be repositioned without tearing and is also easier to cut for better handling around body contour. The top face side surface of the film is specially treated to give excellent adhesion to both solvent and waterborne paints, avoiding flaking issues throughout the refinish process.

  • Operator using spray gun
  • Coating Application

    As an industry leader in paint application equipment and personal protective equipment, 3M continues to innovate and change the way you apply paint and other coatings.

  • The 3M™ Performance Spray Gun is the industrial coating solution that can help reduce variability in your process and boost productivity by giving technicians a smarter way to spray.

  • With quick -change replaceable atomizing heads ranging from 1.1 to 2.0, it’s like getting a brand new spray gun with every new nozzle.

    *Available for both pressure and gravity fed systems

  • All-in-one disposable solution for measuring, mixing, filtering and spraying of paint materials.

  • Paint defect repair with 3M Finesse-it pad
  • Large Area Paint Repair

    3M has the expertise and easy-to-use system to help you achieve a defect-free finish.

  • Our 3M Xtract™ Series Random Orbital Sanders deliver the power and features you need in your surface preparation & finishing process.

  • One of our highest powered buffing tools, it is commonly used in AOEM paint shops for large buffing applications on large clear coat repairs.

  • Use them to sand top coat for blending, and for removing dust nibs and excess orange peel from topcoat finishes before repainting or buffing. Discs are easy to remove from backup pads. They are faster and easier to use than scuffing pads, and they are quicker and cleaner than wet sanding. Use for scuffing the blend area before painting.

  • 3M™ Trizact™ abrasives provide technicians the best opportunity to spend less time buffing and polishing by refining the previous sand scratch allowing them to achieve the finest finish available.

  • Worker applying floor protection film
  • Surface Protection

    3M Surface Protection solutions allow you to protect shop walls and floors, as well as areas of the vehicle that won’t be painted.

  • Ideal for a wide range of temporary surface protection in industrial settings. Its liquid-proof layer protects work surfaces from water, oils, solvents and more.

  • 3M™ Dirt Trap Nonwoven Protection Material is a specially engineered covering material that protects and brightens paint booth walls and floors. Nonwoven construction traps dust and overspray and its bright white color creates better visibility for technicians and a more pleasant shop appearance for collision repair customers.

Two workers in automotive plant
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