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Leave your car personalisation to the pros.

3M Endorsed Installers have the skills to apply 3M car personalisation products to your requirements.

Stringently tested to our high standards, 3M Endorsed Installers are part of a global network of vehicle customisation specialists. They have the skill and knowledge to prepare and apply 3M car personalisation products to your requirements and to the standard you expect.

The certification process includes a rigorous written and hands-on test, so you can trust a 3M Endorsed Installer to provide a professional installation. Chosen for their technical skill and knowledge, all our certified wrappers are passionate about delivering eye-catching car wraps that follow high quality standards.

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    Elements to consider when wrapping your car

    • Experience – Our network of experienced installers strives to offer high level of service and professionalism for 3M Car personalisation solutions. Before selecting a restyler, research the company’s professional certifications and review photos of completed projects.
    • Environment – The facility where an installation takes place must be impeccably clean. A clean shop will help avoid debris from showing through a wrap and prevent larger particles from creating holes and rips in the film.
    • Equipment – When you walk into a restyling shop, you’ll want to verify that it has the correct tools for the job. These include a squeegee for a smooth and straight film application, Knifeless tape to cut through the vehicle wrap without a knife, wrap gloves to prevent fingerprinting and a heat gun to help soften the film before it is applied to your vehicle.

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