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  • 3M Premium MV Cold Shrink Joints With Integrated Electrode

    April 23, 2014
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    • Adopted by dozens of power utilities across the world as their preferred cable jointing solution. Power premium joints offers a built in semi conductive electrode. Eliminating additional installation steps, there for delivering even more consistence. Unlike heat shrink alternative a molecular permanent set insures consistent radial pressure is asserted on the cable for the duration of the cable joints life.

      In order to secure and termination the copper tape screen, a layer of 13 tapes is applied and a split support ring is installed and over taped with Scotch 24 shielding tape. To provide the connection and bedding for the copper tape screen, a second of scotch 24 is then applied to secure the copper tape screen. The cold shrink protection tube is then put in position over the cable. Followed by the copper wire sleeve and the premium joint body. The connector is installed according to the connector supplier’s instructions. The majority of the 3M kits now come complete with connectors however if required an alternative connector can be used providing they meet the requirements of the cable and fit dimensionally within the joint.

      Scotch seal 5313 mastic is used to fill the mechanical connector screw holes and smooth out the character profile. 3M cable cleaning wipes are then used to removed dirt and grease from the cable and connector. 3M P55 silicone grease is applied over the primary installation, Semi conductive screen and connector remember to leave the connector to last to avoid contamination. The premium joint has a built in semi conductive electrode so there is no need to over tape the connector, therefore the next stage is to reposition the premium joint body over the connector and install.

      These products are cold applied, therefore they are quick, easier and safer to install then heat shrink alternatives and they are also ideal for where heat permits are difficult to obtain. Scotch seal 5313 mastic tape is applied between the end of the joint body and the copper tape screen and over taped with scotch 2228 tape. The copper wire screen sleeve is then repositioned over the premium joint body and then fixed in place with band-it strap and installed with a band-it pocket tool. This provides a complete 360 degree earth screen around the joint. Trim the excess copper wire screen sleeve. Scotch 2228 tape is then applied on the cable sleeve and copper stocking at both ends.

      The cold shrink protection tube is then positioned over the joint the core is then removed by hand to install, the live memory action for the specially formulated material, shrinks the protection tube into position and ensures a constant radial pressure around the seal.