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    May 30, 2014
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    • Today, 3M electrical products can be found in an increasingly diverse range of situations, including rail networks, wind farms and within the oil and gas industry. For instance, Cold Shrink – introduced over 40 years ago now – has been helping to power the UK for some three decades and 3M electrical products have been used and trusted by all of the UK’s major power utilities. 3M™ Cold Shrink technology has been found to be a safer, more reliable and easier installation solution for medium and high voltage jointing and terminating versus conventional heat shrink alternatives.

      Rachel Salisbury is a Technical Service Engineer for 3M with 26 years experience is usually the first port of call for enquiries from customers, distributors, specifiers and colleagues. In a recent article Rachel cites some of the benefits driving adoption of Cold Shrink joints and terminations stating Cold Shrink removes a lot of the additional work and costs around health and safety. For instance, if you’re installing in an underground tunnel, heat-based cable jointing and terminating means having a hot works permit and extra people on site. Cold Shrink removes the need for all that: the products may cost a little more up front, but customers achieve saving on labour. Plus, the reliability of 3M Cold Shrink means fewer installation errors and minimal future failure rates.

      3M invented Cold Shrink and no-one can rival the field experience, not just in the UK but worldwide. 3M continue to innovate and not just in terms of new product introductions, but helping customers find new ways in which Cold Shrink can solve some of the challenges they face, 3M enhance aspects of certain products that then gets fed back into the range to benefit any customer.

      In the past couple of years, Rachel and the team have worked closely with the utility industry over the introduction of the HV Cold Shrink range, taking voltages up to 132kV. Rachel recently wrote that in her opinion 3M are the only company supporting such a comprehensive voltage classes using cold-applied jointing and terminating. 3M LV and MV products were already widely used, but since launch, the HV range has received a good reception from the industry, because it extends the benefits of Cold Shrink to those demanding higher voltage environments.

      It’s not just the range of voltage classes 3m support though: it is the unique combination technical excellence, plus so many flexible options for so many installation needs for example 3M offers basic, standard and premium products, so customers and specifiers can choose exactly the right model for each individual project and budget. “Plus, the joint and termination bodies do not need special tools and can accommodate a wide variety of cable types and sizes. 3M can help suggest the right product from our range to help make the switch from heat shrink.

      In this industry, it’s the proven long term performance of a product that critical to a network’s performance is what counts and 3M electrical products are known for that. Cold Shrink joints installed three decades ago are still performing well today. Along with the rest of 3M products – resin-based joints, tapes and other accessories – customers come back to 3M time and time again because they know they are a brand they can trust, both in terms of product quality and support.