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Facility Safety

Slips, trips and spills are common occurrences in the workplace. Though they happen every day, these accidents put the safety of your workforce, as well as visitors to your premises, at risk. Poor workplace facility safety can potentially undermine your workforce productivity, damage your corporate reputation and ultimately, harm your bottom line.

We know how important the condition of your flooring is to the safety of your facility. At 3M we've created a portfolio of facility safety products which keep your flooring safe, clean and looking good, while keeping costs down.

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  • 3M Nomad™ Matting Systems are designed to protect your employees and customers, as well as your floors. Our safety mats help to prevent accidents at building entrances, at workstations, and in wet and other dangerous areas.

  • 3M Safety-Walk™ Anti Slip Tapes provide vital traction on slippery surfaces in facilities where potential slips and trips can occur, or where safety may otherwise be a concern.
  • 3M Sorbents are a fast, flexible facility safety solution for fixing drips, leaks and cleaning up emergency spills in the workplace. Sorbents are designed for the quick clean up and containment of oil and chemicals, as well as for general maintenance use.

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