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Make your facility more flexible with tape

Make your facility more flexible with tape

Is your work constantly changing? Learn how 3M tapes can help you adapt quickly and efficiently.

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  • Clean removal

    Clean removal

    Many tape products leave adhesive residue when removed. Cleaning up the mess leads to extra labour costs and lost time. 3M 971 and 471 tapes are designed to remove cleanly from most floor surfaces even after months of use, saving you the trouble of scraping off old adhesive or paint.

  • One-piece removal

    One-piece removal

    No one enjoys picking up bits of old tape. Unfortunately, most vinyl tapes shred during removal after just a few months of use. 3M 971 and 471 tapes are designed to promote one-piece removal, so you can pull up an old line and move on to your new layout with ease.

  • No clean-up

    No clean-up

    Between spills, dirty brushes and disposal, painting can be a messy and time-consuming process. With 3M’s tape products, you can avoid the hassles and inefficiencies of paint, leading to lower costs and increased productivity.

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