Female engineer working at a manufacturing site

3M Career Capers Cards - developed in collaboration with The STEM Hub

Showcasing STEM careers at 3M

Studying the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects can lead to a range of interesting and rewarding careers. Our Career Capers Cards have been designed to show how these skills are used in many roles – from scientists and engineers through to business managers and technical specialists.

The cards – which include a short summary of each person’s job role, a fun fact, the qualifications and practical skills needed and an inspirational quote - can be downloaded and used for career education activities aimed at 11-16 year old students.

3M engineers

From designing headphones that protect human ears from loud noises to testing new materials for electric car batteries, our engineers work on cutting-edge projects.

3M scientists

Our scientists work with a wide range of 3M technologies to develop thousands of products that improve lives all around the world and help our customers solve their challenges.

3M business managers

Many 3M business managers have a science background and this is applied to roles as varied as being a trademark lawyer, a communicator or a sustainability manager.

3M technical specialists

At 3M, technical specialists use their practical skills in a range of ways, from developing new software programs to selling our products and carrying out training demos.