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Success in rail transport is no longer predicted by fast and reliable mobility. It now requires excellence in total passenger and worker experience: comfort, safety and visual appeal that gets passengers on board and keeps them coming back. 3M Film Solutions can help you create new, distinctive designs inside and out, through full paint-replacement, anti-graffiti films which bring extra protection to external finishes, and window films that help keep your passengers cool and safe.

Our range of anti-slip floor and matting materials helps to increase the safety of your passengers and staff, even in the worst weather. Our solutions help you meet sustainability, maintenance, mobility and productivity objectives - and keep your rolling stock rolling longer - through lightweighting, temperature control, glass protection and more. Partnering with 3M, you not only rely on trusted solutions but you gain a partner that brings expertise and support to help you overcome everyday challenges you face. 

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From safety films to heat reduction, anti-graffiti to sustainable options and paint replacement, we can help you identify the solutions that best meet your company’s needs.

More rewarding experiences, for your rail passengers and for you

Here is how 3M can improve your entire rail transport operation through enhanced design, comfort, safety and sustainability. For even more solutions from 3M, visit this site,

  • Rail car paint replacement
    Paint Replacement / Branding Solutions

    Durable, highly customizable exterior film wraps are much lighter than paint.

  • Waistline stripe on rail car
    Waistline Stripes and Label Solutions

    Create distinctive exteriors without the masking, spraying and related safety equipment.

  • Advertisment on passenger train
    Advertising Solutions

    Short, medium or long term, 3M Film Solutions open up the possibilities for advertising on railcar exteriors, interiors, doors, floors and windows.

  • Graffiti protection wrap on a train
    Graffiti Resistant and Easy to Clean Solutions

    Protect rolling stock surfaces and improve train maintenance times with 3M Anti-Graffiti and Overlaminate Films.

  • Passenger train interior graphic film
    Interior Décor Solutions

    Graphic films let you give your railcar the authentic look of premium materials, without the premium expense.

  • Safety glass for passenger trains
    Energy Conservation and Safety Solutions

    Help keep your railcars - and your passengers - cooler and safer with 3M Solar and Security Window Films.

  • Safety strips for floors
    Floor and Matting Solutions

    3M™ SafetyWalk™ and floor matting options can help reduce slips or falls for employees and customers.

  • Train bathroom cleaning solutions
    Restroom Design and Cleaning Solutions

    Presenting simple ways to add plenty of life to your lavatories - and keep them clean once you do.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say about their custom film solutions.

For enhanced design, sustainability and more, our customers talk about their decision to choose 3M Graphic, Architectural, and Window Films.

  • Newag testimonial for 3M reflective films

    Using coloured and reflective films, Newag was able to realize their dream design. Hear how 3M Film emerged as the best option.

  • Graphics manufacturer uses 3M films
    Aura Graphics

    A premiere graphics manufacturer explains how easy films are to apply and how they help to reduce downtime.

  • Porterbrook applies 3M films to meet goals

    Keeping their project on schedule was vital for the Porterbrook team. Hear how film applications helped them meet their goal.

  • 3M films used on Eurotunnel trains
    Eurotunnel Shuttle

    Eurotunnel officials talk about choosing 3M Films for their new shuttle.

Be on track for a sustainable future
  • Be on track for a sustainable future

    Our solutions can help meet objectives related to climate, maintenance, mobility, operational excellence and productivity. They have been tailored to balance passenger comfort, worker safety, operational excellence and energy conversation through light-weighting, indoor temperature control and glass glare reduction.

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3M Expertise and Delivery
  • 3M rail team

    3M Science and Innovation can help you deliver the best results for your business and stand out from the competition. With a solid network of partners who can execute your project from converting to installation, and the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, partnering with 3M gains you peace of mind with all of your projects. Our experts provide hands-on opportunities to learn about our solutions through multiple expertise delivery programs available to support you.

  • 3M MCS Warranty logo with five chain links (purple, blue, green, yellow and red) in pentagon shape.
    3M™ MCS™ Warranty

    Giving you peace of mind for the life of your graphics. To learn more about the four key benefits of the 3M graphics warranty, watch this short video.

  • Rail institute logo with green drawing of rail car in a circle and red 3M logo in the corner.
    3M Rail Institute

    Helping you build customized solutions that best fits your rail needs.

  • Standard operating procedures for rail film installation
    Standard Operating Procedures for Rail Installation

    Get 24/7 assistance with our mobile installation techniques app.

Paint Replacement Solutions for Exteriors

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  • Train vinyl wrap pain replacement

    Say goodbye to the days of multiple paint coats, long turnaround times and related safety concerns, including high VOC emissions. Our film solutions, which meet regulatory and compliance requirements, can help you achieve reduced downtime with faster installing films, protective coverings and lightweighting. They can also help improve worker safety. Films can be applied smoothly to bare or painted metals and stay in place short or long term. You can upgrade your look, your brand and your operating efficiency all at the same time.

    To help you find the right solution that meets your company’s needs, contact one of our rail experts.

Waistline Stripes Decals, and Labels

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  • Waistline decal on passenger rail car

    Durable, weather-resistant waistline stripes from 3M are a great way to set your rolling stock apart on every railcar. As part of our full range of 3M Graphic Films for rail applications, waistline stripes make for distinctive accents that attract riders and are easier to apply than paint.

    3M Performance Label Materials also let you put the critical finishing touches on visual designs that keep your passengers coming back, your workers safe and your rail operation in compliance.

Advertising/Medium Term Graphics

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  • Graphic film for advertising on passenger train

    As much as the message itself, getting it across depends on when and where it’s delivered. That’s why 3M Graphic Film Solutions let you reliably and repeatedly place advertising on railcar exteriors, interiors, windows, doors, floors and more without causing damage. These easy on, easy off film options help you promote multiple advertisers over the year, and the removal is clean so you can return the coach to ‘like new’ status when your contract is done.

    You can choose film options for short-term advertising as well as temporary and long-term signage. It’s great news for your advertisers, your passengers and for you.

Anti-graffiti and Protective Solutions

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  • Rail car graffiti protection film

    3M Anti-Graffiti Overlaminate Solutions protect your valuable surfaces from UV, fading and cracking, helping you keep rolling stock in service longer.

    Anti-graffiti overlaminates are easy to clean and can drastically lower train maintenance and repainting costs. In addition, our range of finishes from gloss to ultra-matte can really bring out the best in your colour and graphic designs, making your brand stand out and helping to improve the passenger experience. 3M overlaminates are compatible with all exterior and interior wrap film and meet rail regulations and fire standards.

Interior Décor and Counter/Door Designs

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  • Interior films for passenger rail interiors

    You can upgrade your railcars’ interior look with expensive materials like wood, marble, decorative metal and etched glass. Or, you can use 3M Architectural Films. Instead of upgrading or replacing basic assets, give them a new film surface and transform them into stunning visual décor. 3M offers films to help distinguish the different Class levels on a railcar (e.g. First Class, Business Class or Economy). We can also help choose the right films for a wide variety of surfaces including plastics and glass. Choose architectural designs or coloured films, or digital print films for effective branding.

Energy Conservation and Safety

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  • Window tint film on passenger train car

    Frosted, etched or tinted glass designs are much more than just visually stunning. 3M Films can also help create passenger privacy for railcar windows. Solar films help reduce heat inside the cabin to keep passengers comfortable and lightens the load on railcar HVAC systems. We also offer safety films to help prevent shattering, protecting passengers and workers from broken glass.

    To learn about what films are right for your project, ask an expert.

Floor and Matting Solutions

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  • Safety floor strips for passenger trains

    There’s hardly a better way to say “welcome aboard” than a clean, dry floor. And when your welcome wears out, it can cost you much more than just passengers. Slips, trips and falls can put your entire business at risk.

    3M can help you deliver your clean, safe brand experience from the ground up. Our durable slip-resistant tapes help protect your workers anywhere you need it – add extra “grab” to floors, ladders, platforms and more. And our 3M Matting Solutions are engineered to scrape, trap and hide dirt and moisture for drier, cleaner-looking walkways and restroom floors, which enhance the passenger experience.

Restroom Cleaning and Design Solutions

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  • Railcar lavatory films

    A simple, stunning way to make your railcar restrooms truly restful: 3M Films for walls and floors. Instead of standard colours (or nothing at all), install forests, city skylines, any of a variety of scenes that transport your passengers in style. 3M can also help ensure your train restrooms are safe for the journey with a range of anti-slip flooring, matting, industrial cleaning supplies and disinfectants.

Rail Institute

  • Rail institute class in session
    • Customized solutions from 3M can help you make a real statement in rail transport. Our global 3M rail experts will help you select the right combination of branding, appearance, security, safety and sustainability solutions that best fit your needs. We can also provide training for your specialists to gain the most efficient installs and rolling stock maintenance.

      Rail Institute workshops can include:

      • Latest innovations in Rail
      • An immersive experience into 3M Solutions, including hands on time with products
      • Regulations, Norms and Standards
      • Case studies and customer testimonials of solutions implemented globally
      • Insights into technical studies and validations

      The Rail Institute is an easy way to upgrade your business.

      Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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