Person removing 3M masking tape after painting a multi-coloured wall

Multi-coloured painting

A great way to bring personality and a fun sense of energy to your space is by using more than two colours. Add dimension to a single accent wall or character to a bedroom or bathroom. You can even use multiple paint colours to create designs on furniture, like a dresser or outdoor table.


Create your own style - Step by step instructions

Get started with the steps below. For freshly painted surfaces (at least 24 hours old and up to 7 days) we recommend using Scotch® Delicate Surface Masking Tape. Be sure to visit the rest of our How to Tape pages for simple paint prep and tape removal tips.

  • Choosing the right tape is essential. Anything with strong adhesion could ruin your design. We recommend using Scotch® Delicate Surface Masking Tape.

  • Image showing paint lids, ruler, pencil, brush and 3M masking tape
    Step 2: Recommended equipment

    Here is a list of our recommended tools to get you started:

  • Image showing person dabbing paint on a wall using a stencil
    Step 3: Draw

    Mark your pattern on the wall with a pencil and ruler or stencil. Then place a dab of paint in each section of the pattern to help you keep track of which colour goes where.

  • Person marking up a wall with 3M masking tape
    Step 4: Tape

    Be sure to press the tape edges down firmly for a proper seal to get the best finish.

  • Person painting inside the shapes created by masking tape and stencils
    Step 5: Paint

    Apply your first paint colour, let it dry to the touch. Remove the tape by slowly peeling the tape back on itself at a 45 degree angle. Then make sure you wait 24 hours to repeat the process by re-taping the wall for the other shapes and colours.

  • Image showing wall with finished result of shapes in different colours
    Step 6: Repeat

    Repeat this process for your second and third colours: tape, paint, let the paint dry to the touch, then remove your tape... wait 24 hours, tape, paint, let the paint dry to the touch, then remove your tape.

Scotch® Masking Tapes and how you compare best tape for your project

Find the right Scotch® Masking Tape for your project

Compare all Scotch® Masking Tapes in one chart, to find the best tape for your project.


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