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    • Today’s factories and distribution centers are increasingly lean and nimble, able to respond as fast as their markets. Automation systems help manufacturers and logistics firms operate more efficiently – saving on labor and maintenance, while improving throughput. A critical consideration: what connects these systems together.
    • Collaborate with 3M to put the latest in emerging technology, backed by bench-to-bench support, behind your most well-connected machine automation systems.
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Achieving more effective machine vision interfaces

With what scholars are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us, the manufacturing industry is steadily moving towards automation, incorporating artificial intelligence into production lines to improve efficiency and better leverage human skill. In this shifting landscape, machine vision has emerged as a key element in driving productivity over a variety of expanding applications.


Case study: Anywire and 3M collaborate to create a breakthrough factory automation solution

See how 3M is helping build a more connected world.

  • Breakthrough factory automation: AnywireASLINK

    See how 3M Link Connectors helped reduce total system cost and connector assembly time for the AnywireASLINK network.

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    30% total system cost reduction
  • 80% connector assembly time savings icon
    80% connector assembly time savings
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    50% connector component cost reduction


Portfolios for total-facility automation

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It’s not enough that today’s automation systems work seamlessly as originally designed. Wired signals must flow in real time – even as configurations for functions like machine vision and motion control become more varied and complex, often very quickly in the field. 3M delivers connectors, cables and combined solutions for reliable and versatile machine automation in every part of your process.

Sensor connectivity

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    Sensor connectivity

    Sensors are the “nervous system” of the operation, tracking pressure, temperature, humidity and other conditions that impact automation performance. Keep your wired sensor networks well-connected – and keep your goods flowing smoothly – with next-generation technologies from 3M.

    3M™ Mini-Clamp, 3M™ Mini Stack and 3M™ Link Connectors can add robustness and versatility to machine control systems. Insulation displacement contact (IDC) termination on 3M Mini-Clamp and double IDC on 3M Mini Stack eliminates wire stripping and special tools, so you can increase sensor reliability while simplifying installation and maintenance. One- and two-piece connectors allow you to make more connections in smaller spaces. Convert from parallel to serial connectivity, install branch networks, and add small devices without additional signal and power lines – reducing cost, while packing in more features and intelligence.

Featured sensor connectivity products

Cables and connectors

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    Cables and connectors

    You can think of your cables, connectors and hardware as a high-speed digital data transmission system at the core of any factory or industrial automation solution. 3M offers robust, reliable interconnect systems for Mini Delta Ribbon (MDR), Shielded Compact Ribbon and IEEE-compatible applications. A wide range of components includes sockets, headers, plugs, junction shells and more. This broad selection helps add reliable connected power for motion control signaling, inter-cabinet signal transmission and other critical functions of automated industrial machines.

    Also, 3M offers a wide variation of well-proven ribbon cable connectors, board-to-board connectors and flat cables for a variety of factory automation applications.

Featured cables and connectors

Industrial cables for machine vision

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    Industrial cables for machine vision

    Next-generation machine vision cameras and systems are integral to modern automation, providing clarity and enabling real-time responses as valuable product moves through the facility.

    Robust cables with application-specific component assemblies maximize critical machine vision for assembly lines, pick-and-place operations, visual inspection, automated guided vehicles and more.

    3M cable assemblies support major vision standards in industries such as Camera Link, USB3 VisionR.

Featured industrial cables for machine vision

3M Wire-to-Board System, 1.27mm (.050”) pitch

3M Wire-to-Board System, 1.27mm (.050”) pitch

Watch how 3M Wire-to-Board System, 1.27mm (.050”) pitch will help you saving space without sacrificing connection density.

Watch video (2 minutes)

Interested in 3M™ Wire-to-Board System 451/452 Series Connector?

  • 3M™ Ribbon Cable Wire Socket Assembly 1.27 mm (0.050") Pitch 451 Series offers a robust connector in a very small package. Available friction latch configurations enable increased protection against accidental disconnect when using a box header. Fine pitch delivers high connection density in a small space.

  • 3M™ Shrouded Boardmount Header 1.27mm (0.050") Pitch 452 Series is designed to maximise design flexibility while minimising PCB footprint. The standard shrouded header is available with or without ejector latches. This innovative assembly method allows the addition of positive latch and ejection functionality with minimal size addition.

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