Printed circuit board

Products for industrial and electronics manufacturing

Product overview

  • Whether you are a designer or developer of electronic components, a manufacturing engineer or an ESD manager, 3M offers a variety of tailor-made solutions for the electronics industry. We offer a wide variety of products for efficient production, from adhesives and adhesive tapes to abrasives and coatings.

Application categories

  • Cable connections

    Electrical insulation

  • PCB connection

    Electrical connection

  • Conducting copper and aluminium tapes

    Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

  • Printed circuit board

    PCB optimisation

  • Marking film

    Safety, warranty and marking solutions

  • PCB contacts

    Masking contacts

  • Turbines

    Heat management

  • Bumpon Protective Products

  • Printed circuit board

    Physical connection

  • Novec Produkte

    Novec Products

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