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3M™ Silicon Nitride Measuring Wheel

3M ID B49000183
  • Silicon nitride offers high strength and fracture toughness
  • Resists corrosion and wear in extreme environments
  • Offers low coefficient of thermal expansion
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Product Details

3M™ Silicon Nitride Measuring Wheels help determine oil well depth. Made from high-strength, lightweight silicon nitride, our measuring wheels offer excellent wear resistance and accuracy in extreme temperature conditions.

A Reliable Ceramic Material for the Oil and Gas Industry
3M™ Silicon Nitride Measuring Wheels are an alternative to wheels made with conventional metal alloys. These wheels are part of a system used to determine oil well depth. 3M silicon nitride measuring wheels deliver excellent wear resistance and a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which improve accuracy even in extreme temperatures.

Advantages of 3M™ Silicon Nitride
3M™ Silicon Nitride is a lightweight, high-strength and chemically inert ceramic material with excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Its high thermal shock resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion help withstand extreme temperatures. 3M silicon nitride is also nonmagnetic, has high dielectric strength and offers microwave transparency.

Insights into the Advantages of the 3M Manufacturing Process
3M silicon nitride materials and components are produced at 3M manufacturing plants in the U.S., using unique compositions and processing techniques. These processes yield a fully dense and nonporous microstructure of interlocking needle-shaped grains. This microstructure toughens the silicon nitride by a crack-deflection process similar to that found in composite materials. The result is a monolithic silicon nitride with extremely high hardness and increased fracture toughness. This can translate to improved mechanical reliability compared to other ceramic materials. 3M silicon nitride can be produced in cost-effective, complex net shapes, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for expensive diamond grinding.

About 3M Advanced Ceramics
These advanced ceramic products are manufactured at ISO 9001 certified facilities. Our manufacturing processes are optimized for quality, efficiency and consistency – helping ensure reliable and repeatable product performance. We have more than 85 years of experience in designing and manufacturing cutting-edge ceramic solutions, and we continually work to develop new applications for ceramic materials in cooperation with our customers and with research institutions.

  • Silicon nitride offers high strength and fracture toughness
  • Resists corrosion and wear in extreme environments
  • Offers low coefficient of thermal expansion
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