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Fit Testing

Fit Testing Support

  • Fit Testing Support

    The following information is provided to support the implementation of a respirator fit testing programme. 3M offers a range of fit test services.

    Should you have any queries or require further assistance, please call the 3M Health & Safety Helpline on 0870 60 800 60 (UK) or 1 800 320 500 (Ireland).

Respirator Fit Testing

Do you have workers who wear tight fitting respirators (those that rely on a seal with the face) such as Disposable, Half Mask or Full Face Masks (including those fitted to a powered respirator)? If so, you are required to fit test them.

Respirator Fit Testing

  • What is Fit Testing?

    Fit testing is a means of checking that a respirator facepiece matches a person’s facial features and seals adequately to their face. There are several methods available and the Health and Safety Executive’s information document HSE 282/28 provides information on how the HSE expect fit testing to be conducted.

    The performance of tight fitting respirators relies on achieving a good seal between the facepiece of the respirator and the wearer’s face. If the seal is inadequate, contaminated air will take the path of least resistance and will travel through leaks in the face seal. Consequently, a poor seal to the face will reduce the level of protection provided to the wearer.

  • 3M offer both Qualitative and Quantitative Fit Testing.

    The 3M Fit Testing Service is provided by Fit2Fit accredited personnel on the employers site at a day/time suitable to the employer. The Fit2Fit accreditation scheme is a BSIF initiative supported by the HSE which ensures fit testers can conduct a fit test to the level of competence required in the HSE guidance note 282/28. Fit testing will be conducted in a professional and friendly manner which is important when coaching and reassuring employees.

    We will fit test employees on the respirator that has been issued. We also carry sufficient samples of 3M’s alternative respirators, so should any employee require a different model or design, samples are made available.
    Each fit test includes:

    • Brief explanation of need for fit testing
    • Explanation of fit test procedure
    • Coaching on getting best fit with the Respiratory Protective Equipment in use
    • Fit test
    • Certificate of fit test and written set of results

    3M offer both half a day for up to 8 people, and a full day for up to 17 people, depending on the number of employees who require a fit test.

  • For companies who want to conduct fit testing themselves, 3M offers a half day fit test workshop for up to 9 people.

    This is designed to help train people in how to conduct qualitative fit testing.

    The half day workshop covers the following:

    • The background to fit testing
    • Fit testing vs. Fit checking
    • What equipment needs fit testing
    • When fit testing should be conducted
    • In depth training on how to correctly use 3M Qualitative Fit Test Kits with many practical hints and tips
    • Identifying and correcting failures
    • Advice on how to structure a fit testing session and properly brief test subjects
    • Practical fit testing to gain experience and confidence
    • How to look after fit test kits
    • Record keeping
    • Links to external documents

To receive a quote for 3M Fit Testing or a training workshop, please either call our 3M Safety Services Coordinator on 0845 601 3457, or email us on