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Cleaning, Care & Maintenance

Some 3M equipment requires regular checks and maintenance to ensure optimum performance and protection for the wearer. In addition to potentially reducing protection levels, poor maintenance can also reduce the effective lifetime of equipment, resulting in the additional cost of replacement.

How well are you looking after your respirator?

To maintain protection levels, optimise the effective lifetime of the equipment and avoid the additional cost of replacement, it is extremely important to carry out regular checks and maintenance on your Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE). Unsure where to start? These top tips from 3M will help you to ensure that your team’s RPE stays in tip top condition.

  • Many countries place a legal requirement on companies to maintain their reusable RPE and keep maintenance records. Make sure you understand what is required by law, so you can design your company’s care and maintenance policy to be fully compliant.

  • Care and maintenance instructions are included in the product user instructions. Some manufacturers may also publish additional resources to help you manage care and maintenance and provide training to your team. Care and maintenance support for 3M products can be found by visiting the Resources section of this page.

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    Consider maintenance when selecting new RPE

    There are many factors to consider when selecting new RPE for your team, and budget is normally an important consideration. Remember to consider the durability of the product construction, availability of spare parts and the ease of maintenance before reaching a final decision – these factors can outweigh differences in the initial purchase price of the product.

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    Don’t forget about filters

    Respirator filters do not last forever. Once a gas & vapour filter has been used to its full capacity, it will no longer offer any protection. An overused particulate filter may still protect you, but it will be hard to breathe through, potentially leading to fatigue & reduced productivity. The service life of a filter can be affected by a number of factors, including the type of filter, the concentration of contaminants in the air, breathing rates, humidity and temperature. Best practice is to establish a filter change schedule - a specified time period after which filters will be replaced.

Care and Maintenance resources

Online Safety Training Courses

Online Safety Training Courses

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