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How to clean car window film?

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    • Clean with water and soap/non-abrasive cleaning solutions.
    • Do not use strong acidic or alkaline solvents or harsh detergents that may damage the hard coat.
    • Use more water than for cleaning of regular windows.
    • Do not clean without water.
    • Change the cleaning water solution regularly to ensure dirt particles do not scratch the film.
    • Wipe with a soft rubber squeegee, soft cloth, or sponge.
    • Do not use any kind of abrasive or sharp products that may scratch the surface.
    • Dry the windows gently with non-abrasive cloths or wipes.

    How long does it take for window films to adhere fully?

    The initial adhesion of 3M™ Automotive Window Film takes at least 48 hours to be reached. Final adhesion can take up to 30 days due to evaporation of the application fluid and this process is also dependant on the surrounding environment. During this period the film must not be cleaned.

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Bring your vision to life.

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