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Matte black car wrap

Why paint when you can wrap?


Car wrapping

  • Car wrapping

    Don't paint your car. Reimagine it, transform it, wrap it, with 3M car wrapping. We can take your car and turn into something spectacular, with a wide range of coloured and textured vinyl car wrapping films. Change the colour and impact of your car anytime you want, with a car body wrap.

    • Change the colour of your car quickly and cost effectively, with no need for a re-spray
    • Car wrapping is reversible, so if you want to go back to the way the car was later on, you can
    • Car wraps can even protect your original paintwork from sun damage and mild abrasions
    • If you don't want to do a full car body wrap, you can personalise your car by wrapping just the wing mirrors, front grill or roof instead!

    Our network of 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers can help to ensure that your vehicle wrap looks every bit as good as the original paintwork. Learn more about 3M colour change wraps.

  • Why not custom design it?

    Why not customise your car?

    You are unique and there is no reason why your car can't be. With 3M printable wraps, you could drive away in a tiger print or your favourite painting or even something unique that you designed yourself. Our network of trained 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers can help you create impactful car graphics designed specifically for you.

    You could also use a 3M printed wrap to advertise your business and improve your chances of winning your next customer. Vehicle wrapping is a great way to expose your business and services to potential customers, and also enhance the image of your business while on the move. Learn more about 3M custom printed wraps.

  • Photo showing our 3M Car configurator homepage

    Anything but ordinary

    Boldly design a new look for your vehicle in three easy steps.

    Colour change? Simple. Dramatic designs? Not a problem. Choose from a variety of finishes, textures and colours including carbon fibre, that offer a unique, head-turning look.

    Coloured car wraps are becoming increasingly popular because they can be more cost effective compared to a car re-spray.


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