Get better air circulation with 3M™ Bumpon™ protective rubber spacers


Let your devices breathe with Bumpon protective products

Bumpon Protective Products as rubber spacers for aeration

  • If you need to create some space for air circulation between a surface and device, whether it’s on a wall or a table get Bumpon protective rubber feet. Allowing material, equipment and devices to air these rubber spacers also have the ability to absorb vibration and shocks, making them ideal in the electronic industry.

Industrial applications: 3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Rubber Spacers

  • automotive

    Maintain the performance of automotive computer systems by reducing heat build-up and vibration with Bumpon protective rubber spacers. Ideal for printed circuit boards, they also prevent board flexing, and reduce the risk of cracks and other damage to circuits.

  • electronic

    Air circulation is key to all electronic designs. Use Bumpon protective rubber spacers to ensure airflow between printed circuit boards – dissipating heat generated by electronic components, and making sure the device can operate safely.

Trade: Get better air circulation

Bumpon protective rubber feet are available in wide range of colours, shapes and sizes giving users maximum flexibility to ensure proper ventilation conditions for manufactured installations and repairs.

  • kitchen

    Caterers regularly transport pots, pans and vessels containing hot food and liquids to fairs, exhibitions and external events. It’s vital therefore to avoid slippage and skidding, both at the venue as well as in transit. With their anti-slip and skid Bumpon protective rubber feet can help prevent portable appliances and containers from moving in transport and once installed.

  • bumpon-wood
    Wooden surfaces

    For glass tops on tables, sideboards and other wooden surfaces, Bumpon protective rubber feet provide an appropriate distance between the two levels to provide the necessary air circulation between them, and allow the wood to breathe.

  • bumpon-set
    Facility Management

    Depending on the circumstances, the installation of equipment sometimes requires a little improvisation. When spacers are required for ventilation purposes, a Bumpon protective product set is the answer.

  • coffee-bumpon

    Bumpon home applications

    Whether you’re hanging framed pictures on walls, or placing glass on a wooden surface, air circulation and surface breathability are important. You may need additional air circulation space between electrical components and devices, or stop buffers for drawers, cupboards or doors. Bumpon protective rubber spacers can help with all these challenges, offering scratch protection, air circulation, non-slip and anti-slam capabilities.

    • adheres securely to almost all materials and smooth, clean surfaces thanks to 3M special adhesives
    • available in different sizes and heights so you can achieve your desired ventilation distance
    • unobtrusive in colour

  • bumpon-blister

    Bumpon Mini-Pack

    Bumpon protective products blister packs are handy sized packs featuring a selection of our most popular Bumpon protective rubber bumpers. Choose from the most popular shapes, colours and sizes and these pressure-sensitive, self-adhering polyurethane bumpers can be used on most surfaces as feet, stops, spacers and protectors.

  • bumpon-koffer

    Bumpon protective products set – a versatile, ready to hand solution for various jobs and industries.

    Bumpon protective products set contains over 700 of the ten most used Bumpon self-adhesive rubber feet to choose from, in a range of different colours, shapes and sizes, presented in a handy dust-tight case. Use them as bump stops for cabinet doors and drawers or as anti-slip feet for furniture or devices

    • Transparent rubber protectors are almost invisible and can be used as bump stops for doors and cabinet drawers or as skid-resistant feet
    • Extra soft, brown Bumpon rubber Buffers provide excellent sound dampening qualities and is particularly used for applications on wooden surfaces
    • Products apply easily due to 3M pressure sensitive adhesive
    • Robust, surface scratch and stain resistant
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