Anti-skid with 3M™ Bumpon™
self-adhesive rubber feet


For secure positioning

Use Bumpon protective products as non-slip feet

  • Avoid devices, decorations, and more unintentionally slipping and moving with Bumpon self-adhesive rubber feet. Domestic or industrial, a glass coaster or a circuit board, you’ll benefit from Bumpon anti-slip properties. Keep them always at hand as a go-to solution for slippery conditions.

Industrial applications: 3M™ Bumpon™ Self-adhesive Rubber Feet

Avoid slipping and scratching in automotive, electronics and factory automation industries. Bumpon protective products provide a secure hold and can be customised and applied in automated manufacturing processes.

  • automotive

    Customised, die-cut Bumpon materials are widely used as base pads or retainer strips in car drink holder assemblies. We recommend rollstock racks for manufacturing plants.

  • electronic

    Bumpon protective rubber feet are used as non-slip pads for the bottom of computers, lap-tops, printers and many other electronic devices. Kitchen and gourmet appliances like bread makers, juicers and toasters won’t mark surfaces with these self-adhesive rubber feet fitted. You can customise the exact size, shape and colour you need.

  • Factory Automation
    Factory Automation

    Bumpon protective rubber feet bond fast and permanently when pressed to most clean, dry, and smooth surfaces. They’re ideal for automated mounting with robotic devices. With an easy-to-remove liner and pressure sensitive adhesives you can be sure of an easy application with no screws, rivets or other application tools required.

Trade: 3M™ Bumpon™ Rubber Feet make your job easier

Equipment that slips may cause scratches and damage to paint, coatings and other surfaces. Slippage also increases the risk of accidents. Bumpon protective rubber feet provide site workers, carpenters and maintenance people a fast working solution to improve situations as and when the arise.

  • 3m-messe
    Exhibitions and fairs

    Trade stands have to look good and this often means shiny surfaces; glass, smooth plastics, or Perspex. This increases the likelihood of slippage which not only damages and marks surfaces, it can also increase the possibility of exhibits or installations falling or hurting people. Bumpon protective rubber feet are ideal for use as discreet, non-skid feet on video projectors, notebooks or devices. You can choose the colour to suit your requirements, for example customised clear cushions work well with clear surfaces and white laptop computers, without being noticeable to the eye.

  • woodworker

    Anybody working with wood knows the benefits of Bumpon protective self-adhesive rubber feet. They can be used for small shelf tops, wooden decorations, mounted under wooden devices to prevent slippage, or situated under metal or glass objects to prevent scratching wooden surfaces. The pressure sensitive adhesive enables for installation without nails or screws.

  • bumpon5
    Facility management

    Flower pots, umbrella stands and many other objects inside buildings can leave marks on floors and surfaces, especially if they’re moved by unauthorised persons. Bumpon protective rubber feet can prevent damage.

Bumpon home applications

Cutting boards, small kitchen appliances or decorative elements made of glass, ceramics or porcelain can all take their toll on surfaces leaving unwanted scratches and damage. Unintentional slipping and sliding of objects can be lessened or eliminated with Bumpon protective rubber feet. As simple as they are effective, just attach as feet in corners or centrally situation and scratching, slipping and damaging are a thing of the past.

  • Bumpon protective rubber buffers adhere securely to almost all materials, and smooth, clean surfaces due to 3M special adhesives
  • Eliminates scratches and slipping
  • Bumpon™ protective products are available in discreet colours to match your interior
  • Use as stop buffers for drawers, cupboards and doors
  • Dampen vibrations or sounds
  • home2
  • bumpon-home

  • bumpon-blister

    Bumpon Mini-Pack

    Bumpon protective products blister packs are handy sized packs featuring a selection of our most popular Bumpon protective rubber bumpers. Choose from the most popular shapes, colours and sizes and these pressure-sensitive, self-adhering polyurethane bumpers can be used on most surfaces as feet, stops, spacers and protectors.

  • bumpon-koffer

    Bumpon protective products set – a versatile, ready to hand solution for various jobs and industries.

    Bumpon protective products set contains over 700 of the ten most used Bumpon self-adhesive rubber feet to choose from, in a range of different colours, shapes and sizes, presented in a handy dust-tight case. Use them as bump stops for cabinet doors and drawers or as anti-slip feet for furniture or devices

    • Transparent rubber protectors are almost invisible and can be used as bump stops for doors and cabinet drawers or as skid-resistant feet
    • Extra soft, brown Bumpon rubber Buffers provide excellent sound dampening qualities and is particularly used for applications on wooden surfaces
    • Products apply easily due to 3M pressure sensitive adhesive
    • Robust, surface scratch and stain resistant
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