Stop banging drawers and
slamming doors with 3M™ Bumpon™ Rubber Buffer Stops


Bumpon protective rubber buffer pads – your solution to slams and bangs

Bumpon Protective Products as bump-stop rubber solution

  • Homes would be a lot louder if it wasn’t for these small, rubber stoppers that we hardly see or think about. They silence our drawers, doors and more; homeowners, maintenance workers and carpenters alike can all use these small products to improve the way our homes operate.

Industrial applications: 3M™ Bumpon™ Rubber Buffer Stops

Many industrial products rely on the bump absorbing properties of our self-adhesive, simple to use solutions. Whether a standard size from our ready to use range or custom die-cut from Bumpon material, our technology has become an integral part of automated manufacturing and assembly processes.

  • automotive

    Bumpon protective rubber feet products are used as dampers or stoppers for doors in storage and glove compartments. They’re used as spacers between the glass and frame of sun roofs, and they’re also ideal as stoppers and cushions for fold out shelves on coaches and planes.

  • electronic

    Within automotive electronics as well as other electronic industries, printed circuit boards can sometimes hit the inside of their housing, or other components, when exposed to vibrations. Bumpon protective rubber feet can help absorb shock and prevent any unwanted wear, helping to prolong the life of equipment.

  • Factory-Automation
    Factory Automation

    In fully automated production processes, there’s a higher risk of damage. Storage boxes and assembly line containers need to be secured against impacts to edges and corners to alleviate this. Bumpon protective rubber bumpers can provide a fast solution to unwanted movement and unnecessary damage by stopping boxes from moving.

Trade: Flexible impact absorption for many applications.

When doors and hatches are constantly in use, or parts and equipment are stored and transported together, the use of rubber bump-stops is essential. Bumpon protective rubber feet and bumpers provide flexible impact absorption for many applications.

  • 3m-messe

    Exhibition stands are erected, dismantled and transported repeatedly making damage and scratches inevitable. Use Bumpon protective rubber bumpers to protect components and materials from impacts.

  • woodworker1

    Give your products with the ultimate in finish – quietly closing cabinet and furniture doors. Choose from Bumpon protective rubber bumpers to find the right product for your application. We offer extra soft bumpers in brown as well as our standard range, which are particularly suited for use on wooden surfaces.

  • bumpon5
    Facility Management

    Windows, doors, hatches – they all wear over time. Bumpon protective rubber solutions can help to address these wobbles or clunks – they’re available in many strengths, shapes and designs, to provide the necessary shock absorption that can increase durability and lessen wear and tear.

Bumpon home applications

Stop your drawers, cupboards, and toilet seats from slamming; protect walls from door handles; damp vibrations and stop scratches and scuffs from glass, or ceramics. Bumpon protective rubber feet or bumpers are extremely versatile and can offer you a solution wherever you need to cushion or protect something in your home.

  • adheres securely to almost all materials and smooth, clean surfaces thanks to 3M special adhesives
  • available in different sizes and heights so you can achieve your desired ventilation distance
  • unobtrusive in colour
  • rubber-stop2
  • bumpon-toilett
  • bumpon-buffer
  • bumpon-car

  • bumpon-blister

    Bumpon Mini-Pack

    Bumpon protective products blister packs are handy sized packs featuring a selection of our most popular Bumpon protective rubber bumpers. Choose from the most popular shapes, colours and sizes and these pressure-sensitive, self-adhering polyurethane bumpers can be used on most surfaces as feet, stops, spacers and protectors.

  • bumpon-koffer

    Bumpon protective products set – a versatile, ready to hand solution for various jobs and industries.

    Bumpon protective products set contains over 700 of the ten most used Bumpon self-adhesive rubber feet to choose from, in a range of different colours, shapes and sizes, presented in a handy dust-tight case. Use them as bump stops for cabinet doors and drawers or as anti-slip feet for furniture or devices

    • Transparent rubber protectors are almost invisible and can be used as bump stops for doors and cabinet drawers or as skid-resistant feet
    • Extra soft, brown Bumpon rubber Buffers provide excellent sound dampening qualities and is particularly used for applications on wooden surfaces
    • Products apply easily due to 3M pressure sensitive adhesive
    • Robust, surface scratch and stain resistant
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