Vibration damping with
3M™ Bumpon™ Rubber Buffer Pads


Eliminate noises – improve your environment

Use Bumpon protective products as anti-vibration pads and feet

  • Silence is golden – whether it’s a quieter car, inaudible air conditioner, or other rattle-free devices. Whenever things work silently around us, we feel like we have a quality piece of engineering. Whether it’s at home or in industry and manufacturing Bumpon protective rubber feet and rubber bumpers help devices operate smoothly with less noise.

Industrial applications: 3M™ Bumpon™ Rubber Buffer Stops

There are many applications for these versatile protective products. Bumpon rubber feet and buffer pads can be used in car and equipment manufacturing plants, helping to reduce vibration and noise.

  • Automotive

    Engines generate vibrations, especially when idling and at higher speeds. To prevent NVH problems (noise/vibration/harshness) or humming, squeaking and rattling noises in general, Bumpon protective rubber feet and rubber bumpers are installed in vehicles in the factory. They can also be used as rear windshield sound dampers for SUVs and similar.

  • Electronics

    Vibration protection for electronic components is vital for the longevity of a product. It’s not just a question of acoustics – vibrations can occur when cooling fans are installed, damaging components in the process. Bumpon rubber bumpers are versatile and available ready to use or as rollstock for you to customise.

  • Factory Automation
    Factory Automation

    Bumpon protective products bond fast and permanently when pressed to most clean, dry, and smooth surfaces. They’re ideal for automated mounting with robotic devices. Their easy-to-remove liner and pressure sensitive adhesives ensure easy application with no screws, rivets or other application tools.

Bumpon Rubber Buffer Stops have become necessary items in facility management

Facility managers, janitors and technical services always need ready-to-hand solutions, especially when it comes to annoying noises. This is where Bumpon protective rubber feet and rubber bumpers come into play – they’re the go-to answer to many vibration and noise problems.

  • Facades

    Strong winds and road traffic can vibrate or push facade elements, sheet metal, cladding and other structural elements into motion, not only producing an acoustic impact on nearby residents, but also causing parts to wear unduly quickly or even fall off. With careful placement Bumpon™ protective rubber feet and rubber bumpers can reduce vibration and movement just where you need it.

  • Heating
    Heating and ventilation systems

    When larger systems and plants are in operation, the sound of vibrating components and housing parts can be transferred throughout an entire building. This is particularly a problem at night in domestic buildings. With Bumpon protective products you can silence vibrating elements to achieve an optimal environment for residents.

  • coffee-bumpon

    Bumpon home applications

    Fridges, microwave ovens, coffee-machines or even heating or cooling systems can all produce annoying noises and vibrations. Bumpon protective products empower you to solve your annoying rattle or hum without the need for an engineer. One single anti-vibration pad set in the right place can eliminate irritating sounds and transform your home back into a tranquil space. So, whether it’s a stop buffer for drawers, cupboards and doors, or as scratch protection feet under glass, ceramics or porcelain, you can trust Bumpon rubber feet and rubber bumpers to deliver:

    • adhering securely to almost all materials and smooth and clean surfaces due to 3M adhesives
    • ensuring noise and vibration damping according to industrial standards
    • being visually discreet and available in unobtrusive colours

  • bumpon-blister

    Bumpon Mini-Pack

    Bumpon protective products blister packs are handy sized packs featuring a selection of our most popular Bumpon protective rubber bumpers. Choose from the most popular shapes, colours and sizes and these pressure-sensitive, self-adhering polyurethane bumpers can be used on most surfaces as feet, stops, spacers and protectors.

  • bumpon-koffer

    Bumpon protective products set – a versatile, ready to hand solution for various jobs and industries.

    Bumpon protective products set contains over 700 of the ten most used Bumpon self-adhesive rubber feet to choose from, in a range of different colours, shapes and sizes, presented in a handy dust-tight case. Use them as bump stops for cabinet doors and drawers or as anti-slip feet for furniture or devices

    • Transparent rubber protectors are almost invisible and can be used as bump stops for doors and cabinet drawers or as skid-resistant feet
    • Extra soft, brown Bumpon rubber Buffers provide excellent sound dampening qualities and is particularly used for applications on wooden surfaces
    • Products apply easily due to 3M pressure sensitive adhesive
    • Robust, surface scratch and stain resistant
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