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Screen Privacy Protection

Privacy Screen Protection - Keep Visual Hackers in the Dark.

Why Screen Privacy?

The modern-day workplace has been radically transformed. Potentially the biggest change that workers and employers are experiencing is the move towards working outside of the office. This is becoming more common than ever, both in public spaces and at home. The rise of this type of work is giving opportunities to visual hackers who can peak over a shoulder to see sensitive information on an employee’s screen. 64% of IT Security Managers say they are very concerned that prying eyes will see the sensitive information on remote workers' screens*.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies must now prove that they act responsibly when dealing with data protection and privacy, including taking preventative actions. A 3M™ Privacy Filter works as an effective preventive measure, protecting against unwanted side glances on your screen. It can also be used as part of a data protection plan to demonstrate GDPR compliance.

3M™ Privacy Filters are an easy-to-implement first line of defence from costly data breaches and an essential part of a comprehensive IT data security plan.

*Data source: The Impact of the New Normal on Workplace Privacy: A Study of Business and IT and IT Security Managers Presented by Ponemon Institute, June 2021. Sponsored by 3M.

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One piece of information is enough to get your device hacked

To see how easy it is to capture sensitive company information through visual hacking, an experiment* was conducted in which an undercover white hat hacker was sent into several participating corporate offices. The results of this visual hacking experiment highlight why addressing the importance of visual privacy is so crucial.

*Ponemon Institute, “3M Visual Hacking Experiment,” 2015, sponsored by 3M and the Visual Privacy Advisory Council.

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    On average 5 pieces of sensitive information per attempt.

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    In 70% of the attempts the hacker was not stopped by employees.

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    Less than 15 minutes to complete a visual hack in 45% of attempts.

Protect your data with 3M™ Privacy Filters

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3M™ Privacy Filters are a fast and easy way to protect on-screen information. While users keep a pristine image clarity from straight on views, prying eyes beside them see only a black or gold screen. The 3M range includes privacy filters for desktop monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones, with a wide range of sizes and options.

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    • More than half of IT managers* see 3M as the leader in visual privacy
    • 3M promise of quality with own manufacturing and hand (manual) inspections

    * “U.S. 3M Awareness, Attitude, and Usage Tracking Study,” 2019 and 2014, Sponsored by 3M Company.

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    • Permanent attachment system prevents loss or damage
    • Reduced handling costs because 3M filters are easy to apply, clean and replace
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    • Privacy filters bring flexibility to decide where and when to work (which boosts productivity)
    • Achieve world-class privacy for your employees with virtually no loss in display brightness with 3M™ Bright Screen Privacy Filters.
    • Filters adapted to different needs (smooth touch performance, anti-glare, high-clarity, gold)
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3M™ Privacy Filters are an essential part of a sophisticated IT Security Ecosystem

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    Experts agree that visual data protection should be considered a fundamental pillar of an IT security ecosystem, along with reliable protection of data during storage and transmission.

    Privacy filters are an easy element to add to a data security system, helping protect workers against visual hacking by stopping anyone from viewing the screen from either side. This protection necessity has been even more accelerated by the increase in remote and hybrid working.

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