Technical Service

Technical Service

On-hand to help you design more effective visibility solutions

When you specify 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material our experts become your experts. Our world-class testing facilities and technical services are available to customers free-of-charge to help ensure the performance and value of your reflective wear before you commit to production. As worldwide leaders in regulatory and vision science expertise, our goal is to apply and share that knowledge to help customers become more proficient in designing visibility solutions.

Our experts can assist you in the following ways:

  • MiniScan
    • Product Choice – Our experienced sales and application engineers will help you select the best solution for your design requirements and assist with all technical issues and questions.​
    • Design Modifications – You can gain expert feedback to help improve visibility, comfort and performance.​
    • Design Comparisons – If you have multiple design options, we will use our 360° degree enhanced visibility programme to help you compare relative effectiveness in terms of visibility and durability.
  • Techical Support
    • Regulatory Compliance – You can take advantage of our full range of in-house test facilities and systems to help ensure your occupational garments meet the required standards.
    • Manufacturing Support – We can offer you on-site manufacturing training on new applications for production scale-up.​
    • Visibility Demonstrations – This is where you get to see, first-hand, the impact of reflective material on your products.

Real People Applying Science to Real-Life Problems

At 3M, our engineers and experts are brilliant problem-solvers who work closely with customers to find and apply science-based solutions. But they’re also real people who are passionate about the work they love and the opportunity to help customers understand and solve problems. We’d like to introduce you to some of them.

  • Christian Kurtz

    “I started working for Scotchlite in 2000. Over that time it’s great to see how reflective materials have become integral to the design of leisure and sportswear as more and more people realise the benefits of being visible both during the day and at night.”

    Christian Kurtz, Application Engineer Scotchlite Reflective Material, Developer of the 3M spoke reflectors for bicycles

  • Ngoc Lan Tran

    “I joined the Scotchlite team in 2013. Ensuring the safety of my 2-year old son is everything to me. Scotchlite Reflective Material has demonstrated what ‘visibility’ really means. It gives me a safe feeling knowing I can always rely on Scotchlite to keep my family visible.”

    Ngoc Lan Tran, Senior Technician Scotchlite Reflective Material, Responsible for testing and evaluating Scotchlite products

  • Daniela Hirschmann

    “My role in the Scotchlite team is the coordination and control of product testing and the documentation of results. Knowing how Scotchlite Retroreflective Material performs reassures me that my child is always a little bit safer when going to school early in the morning.”

    Daniela Hirschmann, Product Development Engineer for Scotchlite Reflective Material, Responsible for quality requirements of Scotchlite products

  • Klaus Biehl

    “I’ve worked a total of 29 years in reflective materials, 13 of which have been with Scotchlite. During that time I was closely involved in the development of the yellow-silver-yellow transfer films for firefighters. Today these next generation products are helping to keep firefighters safer whilst they strive to protect the general public.”

    Klaus Biehl, Application Engineering Specialist for Scotchlite. Helped develop new generation of firefighter products over 4-year period

  • Claudia Parys

    “I feel lucky to be part of this team, as I believe the work we do is so valuable to our communities. Nowadays there is so much visual noise in our cities that it often makes it difficult for drivers to see potentially dangerous situations. Scotchlite makes people visible in noisy and complex environments. It’s a wonderful technology.”​

    Claudia Parys, Specialist Application Engineer for Scotchlite​
    Member of the Scotchlite team since October 2018

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Helping ensure your reflective wear is ready for certification

As one of four global 3M™ Reflective Science Laboratories, the testing facilities and our application engineers at Neuss (Germany) are available to customers to help ensure the performance and value of your reflective wear before committing to production. Our laboratory is fully equipped and allows you to undertake all required tests prior to product certification.​

  • Heat and flame tests​
  • Photometric and colorimetric measurements​
  • Washing tests in accordance with relevant ISO standards​
  • Application trials and testing on customer substrates

Enhance your design concepts

Studies around the world have proven that the correct placement of reflective materials on the wearer’s garments can significantly improve their visibility. At our Reflective Science Centre in Neuss we are able to measure the retroreflection values from all angles in order to optimise your design and increase the visibility of the garment.​

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