Elegant outdoor living space with natural finishes

Eye-catching exterior designs.

Create unique exterior design solutions

Enhance building exterior design to achieve a whole new look with less labour, cost and waste than traditional construction.

  • Stay on trend

    Bring your most ambitious exterior design ideas to life with on trend architectural finishes.

  • Build your brand

    Become a thought leader in your industry through design elements that make you stand out.

  • Get inspired

    3M™ Architectural Finishes bring unlimited creative freedom with over 1000 patterns and designs.

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Create beautiful, functional and sustainable spaces.

Specify high quality, durable surface solutions for exterior commercial buildings that are easy to clean and maintain.

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Exterior architectural designs that reach as far as your imagination

3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes Exterior series and 3M™ Graphic Films allow you to transform your exterior building façade design to fulfil your objectives and your vision. With hundreds of patterns to choose from, the ability to customise any colour and the power to print any image or design, the opportunities are endless.

  • Refreshing exterior building finishes has never been easier. 3M™ Architectural Finishes provide the flexibility you need to bring your design ideas to life while also achieving your client’s goals.

  • 3M Graphic Films allow for endless customisation options that can help you differentiate a brand and successfully communicate its story. It's the perfect way to add an unforgettable accent to any commercial building's exterior design.

  • Helps to reduce glare, save energy, and ensure comfort with 3M Building Window Films.

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Exterior design of car dealership
Exterior Inspiration

Ready to see how others are transforming building exteriors using 3M™ Films? Our Inspiration Gallery features examples that are sure to inspire new ideas for your next commercial building exterior renovation.

  • Exterior of unique airplane-inspired vacation rental finished with 3M DINOC finishes.
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Create beautiful exteriors with reduced waste.

Express your vision with less waste by refreshing rather than replacing exterior building façade design. Choose from a multitude of 3M Films that shape the individual character of a brand while using less labour and waste.

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    Want to spec in a product or install, maintain or repair a film? Take advantage of these additional materials.

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