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Reimagine interior design.

Transform the interior design of any surface space or glass-built area you have, quickly and easily, with any look you need, from sandblasted glass and woodgrain, to leather and marble.

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    Choose design solutions that allow your creativity to reach its full potential.

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    Transform interior architecture with less downtime and labour - on time, on budget, with no hassle.

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    We combine design and functionality to inspire you to create the perfect finish for your interior architecture, while achieving your clients’ sustainability goals.

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Your Creative Vision. Uncompromised

Give a new look or revive an existing space virtually overnight, without a costly or time-consuming renovation.

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Choosing the right solution for your interior spaces.

Creating unique, memorable spaces doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Whether you’re creating a new environment or refreshing an outdated space, 3M has complete interior solutions to help you transform a space without the cost, hassle, and disruption of traditional construction, so you can easily bring your vision to life.
  • Architectural Finishes can transform any surface with colours, patterns or textures. For a decorative or functional upgrade, 3M™ Glass Finishes can help you manage light and create stunning interior designs.

  • Flexible and conformable, 3M Graphic Films are the ideal office interior solution, helping you create head-turning designs for any wall or surface. As a cost-effective alternative to painting, use it to communicate a message or reinforce the brand experience.

  • Let in the right amount of light, manage privacy and security, and keep interiors comfortable. 3M Window Films have a variety of practical applications as well as aesthetic uses that let you manipulate the light in a space to create the desired effect.

  • Achieve the look of sandblasted or etched glass without the expense of installing new glass panels and the waste of discarding old glass. Provide privacy in interior or exterior spaces while keeping an open feel.

  • Create a dynamic colour shifting glass appearance without the expense of installing actual dichroic coated glass. The transparent dichroic colour effect adds cool or warm tones to your interior or exterior glass environment.

  • Taylor the light, privacy, and style of your space with a variety of available patterns. Most FASARA™ glass finishes are non-vinyl polyester-based films.

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Interior Design Inspiration
  • Ready to see how others are transforming their interior design using 3M Architectural Finishes? Our Inspiration Gallery features a range of architecture interior designs that are sure to inspire new ideas for your next design project.

  • Modern, hotel lobby interior featuring stone & metallic 3M Architectural Finishes and a plant-filled window.
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Creating sustainable beauty for interiors.

Rather than fully replacing fixtures, surfaces, and windows, you can reuse existing structures and create a dramatically different space more sustainably using 3M™ Architectural Finishes.

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